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Cocker X Patterdale

white van man

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11 minutes ago, white van man said:

Pretty much what tyla said for my one. He will yap though if he is right onto something or if it won’t shift. Again for heavy cover he will use his nose and if he goes in then there’s normally something there. He also hits the cover hard. He’s not broken to deer though. Strangely not that interested in pheasants but I don’t ever go looking for them. He’s ideal for what I need him for 

Yours has a lot of Cocker blood if I'm not mistaken? Imo a more vocal breed than Springer. Perhaps that could be a factor in this cross?

Similarly, my Cocker will slow down a bit and think when facing really dense bramble etc, stuff that forces him onto his elbows and to climb and twist through. But anything less than that and they just naturally have all the tools they need to scream through like greased lightening. IMO no harm at all in a bit steadier style.

That's perhaps the nature of modern Spaniels though. They are so often heavily influenced by Trials, as opposed to purely sporting/field minded breeding programs.

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cocker x russell about 3year old, does plenty above ground and will do a little below of recent. Great little bitch, would not change her for nothing

He has turned out well mate. There’s a few off here seen him work. He’s spot on with the bushing, ferrets well considering he’s only been a couple of times. Depends what you are looking for. He’s only

Thats her

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1 hour ago, John d said:

Around 14 inch tall first cross cocker patterdaleScreenshot_2018-04-25-20-47-12.thumb.png.76a79b6bf52901d592b3f1434ba9e96d.png

Your bitch is an almost double to my terrier my one just has a slightly sharper muzzle. When you breed her what are going to put her too?  I reckon a pure terrier would be nice, just my opinion but good luck in whatever you choose atb daywalker.

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On 20/04/2018 at 00:03, socks said:

He told me I think he is getting a yorkie ......

After I put a good word in for you, on a pup, I come on here and find I'm being slated!! Lol

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On 26/04/2018 at 07:56, John d said:

Hopefully looking at white van mans dog soon with a chance of using him

Won't go far wrong with him mate, he's a cracking little dog, and likes to graft!

ive got my eye on a pup out of a mates terrier bitch, hopefully later this summer, else I would certainly be twisting your arm for one of these!

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On 19/04/2018 at 14:27, white van man said:

I don’t think you could put exact percentages on him. Lee Green off here bred him you could PM for exact info. Squab and squirrel off here have his litter sisters. They might know exact. He has various spaniels in him but mainly cocker. and bushing terries. Predominantly Lakeland/patt going back a while. I’m in Devon. Would need to chat more to see what you need and as I said he’s only coming up 2 so not keen at the moment. Would prefer another season under his belt and when I’m ready to keep a pup back. 

hes father was a 3/4 spaniel x patt mother was a first x springer x lakeland 

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