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Greman Pointer X Greyhound

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A few pic's of my gwp x saluki bull grey he has a great nose and the most biddable lurcher i have ever owned,not a flying machine but he suits me for the type of hunting i do.   A.T.B. Co

As an all round dog, I doubt an English pointer would be half the dog a decent gwp is........people are using gwp's because they can be an awesome hunting dog with a tough, robust nature & physiqu

Im toying with the idea of putting something fast/big/hard etc on my gwp, the bitch has made the grade on quarry from birds, to hares, good hunt, point and retrieve, stalking and bloodtrailing, foxin

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Roybo, I had to put him down, he saw 8 seasons though, cant complain...he is missed around here, was never a dull moment with that dog around. By feck could he hunt.


Navek, Id have work for a dog of that breeding, but not many other folk would, (might be wrong)? Im leaning towards a faster type, the pups wont be greased lightning but Id like to catch the odd critter on the lamp too, as well as daytime on the hill.


I'll keep you posted


Im sure you have something in mind but if you want to use Tigger he has everything to add for a bitch , has been tested and throws some decent stuff there are a few lads on here that are running pups out of him and they are flying


Thats a very nice offer Mik, thankyou. I have heard about one or two of Tigger's pups, and they sound great. I dont think I could go far wrong with him.

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