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Hard Dogs How Many.

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I think everyone has a different opinion on what is called a hard terrier.Some will call a terrier that can kill fox to ground on a regular basis hard where others will say the dog just has a nack for

Mute dog would not keep it I like the sound of sounding under my feet to much most of what I come across is educated stuff and I dig them with bayer mixer types I have no need for hard dog just my opi

If it wasnt for them hard dogs being bred off there would be barely any decent dogs about today. Them that drift away from hard dogs altogether do so at their own peril,il use nick stevens as an examp

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Fat head, i was admitted i was gone with the fairies when i give you that reply and was thinking of a biggish burrow i knew and a small bitch i lost over a year ago. On your question i remember another small girl and i took her down the bank. On My Own, she let go and i knew her quarry would be good, it bayed, it charge in her, and she made no sound, no interface, she pushed them to the bottom of the bank, dug to it in sand, single handed, tough quarry an id be digging one hole, and listening to a working terrier baying, I'd be the man to separate, as she be too hard boy, one of very many! I

pablo take your time mate try to at least let us make sense of what your trying to say
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Was out with Neil on sunday Alcapone and he was complaining of a sore wrist,i reckon its them dvd's that ye watch,have ye destroyed.

Hey Fatman, the other day when we were digging together every time you slagged me and I held my fist up and made an up and down movement it was not because my wrist was sore, LOL.

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For me and this is only my opinion,the hard dog evolved more so after the locator came into use.

I wonder how many folk would be so devoted to this type of animal if they could never be found below ground except in the most simple of places.

Imagine loosing a solid type into a thirty hole multi layered place, yet now most would knowing that said dog can be located and dug to relatively easily.All be it after some considerable effort from us.

Yes we did have them before locators but there use was limited.

" just a thought"

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