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Hard Dogs How Many.

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sat back and watched with post long enough now,as a few will know ive bred a lot of decent dogs over the years and my take is you dont put hard dogs in the mix you might aswell breed shite,dug with many a good terrierman over the years and seen many lines fxxxed up because they bred these baying dogs,you need a dog to stay with his quarry in close and tight baying dogs dont do this,,dont get me wrong seen plenty good baying dogs but keep crossing them you will end that line keep adding strong hot headed dog in and the line will keep strong thats my take on the matter

My sentiments exactly bud and proven truth .

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I think everyone has a different opinion on what is called a hard terrier.Some will call a terrier that can kill fox to ground on a regular basis hard where others will say the dog just has a nack for

Mute dog would not keep it I like the sound of sounding under my feet to much most of what I come across is educated stuff and I dig them with bayer mixer types I have no need for hard dog just my opi

If it wasnt for them hard dogs being bred off there would be barely any decent dogs about today. Them that drift away from hard dogs altogether do so at their own peril,il use nick stevens as an examp

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Each to their own but my heart lies with the H type and even tho times are changing and it may be the end of them in time to come maybe not to far away, as this world grows extremely one sided, all odds against them even terriermen in great numbers see no use for these little gladiators. I will do my best by them and honour there courage and give them the respect they deserve.

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Joe public is to clever to know people are well aware of them and simple texting aint going to get them to excited. jmho. The real joe soaps have dealt with these rats before. Some people have alot to learn. Again jmho. We are just talking about a type the same as talking about drugs its not fobidden. Lets all just kneel and pray and forget bout these types. How long would people have grafters without them they can be spoken about without getting an erection it aint ego its just admiring a type.

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