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Last Nites Results With The N870

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Out last nite to a couple of orchard perms , I arrived at 9.30 and checked zero , I intended to shoot into the wind with a slight breeze from left to right so I set zero bang on to allow for this

. One shot zero on these scopes is a god send it just saves all the messing around . Any way after the scope is set I laid up at forty yards from where I know bugs comes out from the hedge line , I didn't have to wait to long befor they started to show, and the first one went down . I then moved up to where the rabbit lay and got down into the hedge line again . The next one came out at 55 yards , and again a clean head shot put a end to it .

The hedge line on each side of the field is 350 yards , and I find moving up every time kind of gives me the edge as I'm acquiring new target with each move , and they don't seem so spooked , any way I continued up the field and then down the other side , I must admit with the wind behind me it wasn't so good ( for the simple reason my scent is carried on the wind )

Some thing to bear in mind when going out !

Any way I carried on till 12.30 and went round three times , 12 was the final count , but lost two in the hedge line

These are all getting skinned and gutted now ready for the old folks home ( the old dears love a bit of rabbit stew ) so it's a win win all round , farmer well happy , I'm happy , and so are the old uns




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Would not expect any thing else from you David top class


iv got to get out with the nv set up


and seeing you do this make,s me want to do it


so this week end im out with the nv


atvbmac :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:


ps thats one cracking looking rifle :toast:

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Nice going mate and good on you giving them to a old folks home

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Well done,couple of fair sized ones in there,sure the effort will be appreciated when they're wolfing that stew!!

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