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Think with ya big heads lads not the small purple one lol

Time will tell.........

You wouldbe quicker searching for the best posts on here that tb25 post was second only to BPR disabled post

Yes whole prey - I was directed to this page off a raw feeding page to see if anyone could help me out etc but if that's not allowed I totally understand - I'm just not into the whole actually killing animals myself part as I'm vegetarian and wouldn't know how to hold a gun let alone fire one haha thank you to anyone who can help or point me in the right direction

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Haha yes I wonder why - I'm the only vegetarian in my house I don't discriminate those who aren't and although I could never see myself killing animals I just think of my dogs I try to distance myself from the actual thinking of it as an animal and more just its my dogs food - other wise I don't think I would cope very well

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Guest Navek

So because the avatar picture is of a blonde GIRL then no one is going grab the pitchforks and torches?????



Wear all the " anti comment " like it would of got if there was Picture of a bloke in the avatar


Sexism at its finest lol

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