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Can't Be Let Loose With Small Dogs,

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Took the dogs,over the fields after work. Walked through the gate and let them off running around like looneys any how this fellas heading towards me with his dog. Which starts to run towards my 2 so with that mine start to do the same. I call them both back, sky my collie whippet grey comes trotting back storm my 1/4 bull x stops thinks and carrys on, running straight into this little 18 wk old cockerpoo! So I start to call the dog back which is now all excited but this little pup don't want to play and legs with to which sky takes of coursing the poor thing like a bunny and lightly mouthed it. Anyhow I apologised to the fella and he was fine, infact he said it might have taught her a lesson on running up to strange dogs. I'm gonna lead them up from now on around the smaller dogs. Gonna end up hurting one otherwise. Pain in the arse. Anyone else's dogs course smaller mutts when they run?

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Every walk must be a constant worry, just incase u bummped into another dog, i couldn't be doing with that! Surely thay know they know thw difference between another dog and legit able game?

Yeah there only playimg but theyre so used to playing with each other and dragging each other about by the throats that it's a bit much for smaller dogs lol

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Every walk must be a constant worry, just incase u bummped into another dog, i couldn't be doing with that! Surely thay know they know thw difference between another dog and legit able game?

they deff know, even if they bitten one they know its a dog .Both my dogs have killed fair amount of game and know how to use there teeth, but never had any probs with them deliberately grabbing another dog.But my younger dog Buck as sometime in the past run along side another dog and dropped his head over the other dog neck and gives little growl, but that's norm been dogs of lab size, and being honest he just big soft thing with people+ dogs. I ve met a couple who got a 10 month old wire/hair teckel , and my dogs play great with him, Buck will lie down on the floor and let the little dog jump all over him lol, so he been gentle with him. if I see people with kids, or small dogs I keep him on the lead, he wouldn't hurt them, but his sheer size he could hurt them accidently , so try to avoid it.

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My nan has two mini Yorkshire terriers and believe me their smaller than some rabbits so when my are pups usually summer time I take them down her garden and let them get us to smaller dogs being around and it paid off i was in the woods must been a year ago now and could see my bitch walking backwards and she wouldn't back away from anything but managed to see what it was two little Yorkshire terriers running at her got to laugh haha

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Back in 1993, i got a pure greyhound bitch with intentions of breeding from her to create lurcher pups. She was use to hunting in the field and was a demon on foxes..

I use to walk her eary in the mornings for a quick walk along the bog roads before work.

One morning, their was this women with a small terrier of some breeding walking towards me, i had never seen anyone on this bog before, it was a quiet spot. Now my greyhound bitch not seen many small dogs, only the odd one. She was owened by a greyhound racer before me and he mentioned to me not to let her off if small dogs were about. This i listened to, but this particular morning it was too late, as she was off before i could get her...suffice to say, the poor dog ran off scared and my greyhound bitch thought she was a fox id say, as she killed it...!

The poor women was screaming at me, it was not a nice site. After a while she calmed down a bit, i appoligsed and said i would get her another. She gave me her phone number and ,mentioned she does not usually walk the dog their, it was just the once off. From that day, i have allways been carefull with lurchers and small dogs, if they have not beem brought up with thenm, especially greyhounds...!

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My Whippet runs up to smaller dogs, he wants them to play but it can be daunting for some, so I lead him up around smaller dogs.


He`s quite the opposite with bigger dogs though, doesn`t like them at all until he has socialised with them properly .

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Think they just play a little rough, the bull x is a bit strong dog and doesn't seem dodge obstacles very much as prefers to run straight into them whether it be hedges, humans or dogs lol

i said the same thing to someone about my bull x running straight into stationary objects for no apparent reason,he asked me if this was normal and seemed shocked when i replied "yep"thick as pig shite at times lol
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A lurcher of my dads, as he recounted the story to me, once grabbed and plucked a ladies off lead toy poodle. he let it go without hurting it, just bald as a coot.


I know a guy who trained his dogs with a white bag 'lure' on a lure machine, he claims they will attack small white dogs, not sure if this is true.

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