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  1. strongbow1

    Decided To Take The Pups

    Cracking looking pups, hope they do you proud.
  2. strongbow1

    Old Sayings

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it
  3. strongbow1

    Think He's Hooked!

    Amazing lucky lad!
  4. strongbow1

    Suicide Question ......

    Probably slightly off topic, but I got a good pack with my old dear, love her to bits, but made a promise, and I'm a man to my word.
  5. strongbow1

    First Dog For Lamping

    Any well bred lurecher will catch rabbits, so I'd get one you like the look of.
  6. strongbow1

    Looking For Pup

    I know of one think the Dam is collie whip, sire whippet.
  7. Mine live in the house, and they need a good walk everyday or can become abit of a nightmare.
  8. strongbow1

    Favourite Quarry

    any edible.
  9. strongbow1

    Few Pics...

    Great pics, don't normally comment but that first pic, if memory is correct Wheaton cross, looks in prime condition, fair play
  10. strongbow1

    What's Your Favourite Xs Of Lurcher

    I'd always kept beddy crose and still have one here now, but when my last bitch died lamping didn't want to try to compete with her so got a saluki collie grey, and honestly can't fault her, so that would be my choice
  11. strongbow1

    Gift For Fella Hunter With A Child

    Fair play to you pal
  12. strongbow1

    Uploading Photos

    Is there an easy way to upload photos of iPhone without using photo bucket?
  13. strongbow1

    Walking And Camping

    cheers for replies, think I'm going to head for lakes, will let you know how we get on.
  14. strongbow1

    Walking And Camping

    Been looking at the coast to coast definatly something I would like to do. Is wild camping pretty relaxed in the lakes?