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  1. looking for a canary trap cage??
  2. someone's got to have a spare trap cage?????
  3. any canary live traps for sale?
  4. predator 600 variable lamp. new in the box never been plugged in a battery.was bought as a present. never been used. £35 posted.
  5. thanks for the replies lads. think I'm going to keep him as a pet . and just push to give him more time. more walks ect. like it has been said if he did go to a new home he could be pushed from pillar to post and he will be better of with me.
  6. yes he has been kenneled from a pup. keeping him kenneled. dry. fed well.wormed ect. with a nice rug isn't a problem. I just feel like he deserves more.just wanted other views on the situatuon.
  7. that's the thing. I would love to put him on the sofa.with 2 young kids and the house being small and the dog being 27" its just not practical. loads of kennel space for him that's not a problem.I just feel really sorry for him. he's grafted his arse of for me over the years.
  8. I have a 3/4 saluki Grey struggling to get him out as much as what he needs.work/young family. he's no bother to keep/kennel I've had him from a pup and he's 8 this year. the question is should I keep him because he's done me really well over the last 8 years.or should I find him a pet/working home where he will be out more???. the kennel space/ food isn't a problem I just don't feel like I'm doing the dog justice and feel sorry for him, opinions please lads
  9. I had a first x saluki whippet a couple of years ago.was perfect for smaller fields. ferreting and bushing ect. but couldn't hack big land and long runs..(jacked),would highly reccomend one for bunny bashing.
  10. sure she's in a better place and you've done the right thing for her. r.I.p. how's Darcie mrschamp606?
  11. I tried it and failed tbh. and one had to go. they where bonding with each other instead of me. maybe if you had time to take them out 1 at a time it would be diffrent but I never and it was a complete noghtmarr trying to teach them anything.
  12. its the shorter model mate with engravings on. txt the number hell send you a pic mate.
  13. ring 07487612768. based in Pembrokeshire. 400 ono
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