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  1. shaunpowell

    Trap Cage

    looking for a canary trap cage??
  2. shaunpowell

    Variable Lamp

  3. shaunpowell


    someone's got to have a spare trap cage?????
  4. shaunpowell

    Variable Lamp

    inboxed you.ukhunter
  5. shaunpowell


    any canary live traps for sale?
  6. shaunpowell

    Variable Lamp

    predator 600 variable lamp. new in the box never been plugged in a battery.was bought as a present. never been used. £35 posted.
  7. shaunpowell


    thanks for the replies lads. think I'm going to keep him as a pet . and just push to give him more time. more walks ect. like it has been said if he did go to a new home he could be pushed from pillar to post and he will be better of with me.
  8. shaunpowell


    yes he has been kenneled from a pup. keeping him kenneled. dry. fed well.wormed ect. with a nice rug isn't a problem. I just feel like he deserves more.just wanted other views on the situatuon.
  9. shaunpowell


    that's the thing. I would love to put him on the sofa.with 2 young kids and the house being small and the dog being 27" its just not practical. loads of kennel space for him that's not a problem.I just feel really sorry for him. he's grafted his arse of for me over the years.
  10. shaunpowell


    I have a 3/4 saluki Grey struggling to get him out as much as what he needs.work/young family. he's no bother to keep/kennel I've had him from a pup and he's 8 this year. the question is should I keep him because he's done me really well over the last 8 years.or should I find him a pet/working home where he will be out more???. the kennel space/ food isn't a problem I just don't feel like I'm doing the dog justice and feel sorry for him, opinions please lads
  11. shaunpowell

    New Permission Acquire..

    I had a first x saluki whippet a couple of years ago.was perfect for smaller fields. ferreting and bushing ect. but couldn't hack big land and long runs..(jacked),would highly reccomend one for bunny bashing.
  12. shaunpowell

    A Tribute To Derrie

    sure she's in a better place and you've done the right thing for her. r.I.p. how's Darcie mrschamp606?
  13. shaunpowell

    2 Lutchers Out Same Litter

    I tried it and failed tbh. and one had to go. they where bonding with each other instead of me. maybe if you had time to take them out 1 at a time it would be diffrent but I never and it was a complete noghtmarr trying to teach them anything.
  14. shaunpowell

    Career 707

    its the shorter model mate with engravings on. txt the number hell send you a pic mate.
  15. shaunpowell

    Career 707

    ring 07487612768. based in Pembrokeshire. 400 ono