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The Rape Is Alive With Pigeon

ezi bez

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If I find it strange that people pay to shoot pigeons, that's my prerogative.   It`s a forum, it`s for people to comment. If you`re sensitive try mumsnet or somit.     Or you could just piss off.

Does that mean you are paying £40 to each shooter for helping with much needed pest control ?   Sounds like a good offer.

Sounds like you need a helping hand, not a client.

No one in there right mind pays to shoot pigeons i get begged every week to come shoot them why would you pay to shoot vermin


Maybe folk don't have decent permission as I've said if [BANNED TEXT] not interested don't post just to put the guy down. Do you go through the classifieds and write on every ad no thanks don't want that. No you don't

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Shut your gabber , the guys offering pigeon shooting for £40 if you don't like it why don't you try free ads or somit.


Or you could just keep your mouth shut and stop trying to be a hard c**t and put people down.


Hard c**t, ?? wtf Your the one acting the big I am bud.



Keep my mouth shut ??, yeh that `ll happen right enough. If my missus can`t make me I`m damn sure you won`t manage.

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is it your land or your permission?

any idea on numbers ?

sure me ryan n tom would have a day if big bags


matty lad numbers in thousand mate, but they are pigeon and as everyone knows no guarantees so up to you buddy you in or not atb ezi.

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Yea asked that too but didn't get a answer

I'm not paying to shoot someone's perm I'd just one of my own but if he's the landowner fair doo

to fecking right, hel be on a right little wager if the lands not even his. I think ill start doing trips to my permission £40 a head hahaha........

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