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  1. View Advert Sportdog tek 1 collars For sale sportdog tek 1 collars no charger but will come fully charged 6 normal collars and 1 collar with shock unit £80 each for normal collars and £100 for collar with e unit all work as they should and in good condition located in Bradford West Yorkshire can post but will cost extra Advertiser rexdigger Date 16/07/19 Price Category Other
  2. I saw some yesterday that are very fresh I thought it was too early for them but I'm no expert
  3. My first dog was a Rhodesian ridgeback he was an outstanding bushing dog would mark hunt up and also would retrieve anything that I shot from land or water not the hardest dog but really was a cracking worker he was Dartmouth's when he needed to be also
  4. No uk dealer for the garmin GPS dog trackers as you are not supposed to use them in this country
  5. When do roe start to do this as I have seen some today these are the first ones I have ever seen too
  6. That's the thing with importing stuff from the state's there's always the import tax to pay usually a few weeks later I bought a 320 and 6 collars for a friend and had to go to him 3weeks later to ask for another £160
  7. Now ranked the best sea trout river and second best salmon river in England so thing not changed mate. I didnt realise it was the best sea trout river in england,its a beautiful river,used to be a fantastic place to fish as it always had great runs of fish,any of you ever fish durham near the ice rink?It used to be a free stretch. I have and had a lot of luck Mackem
  8. Waste of time in dog pens no matter what you paint it with it will come off no matter how well you prep it
  9. If I could have done more before cubs I would have done but just have to wait now for next season when it's time to up the game
  10. The dogs a mixer when needed and had a 9foot dig a couple of 7foot digs no messing about and as for digging every weekend I having been but I had 4 digs in one weekend before I stopped I have no need to lie about my dogs either
  11. Started to dig with her after Christmas and have had 11 digs to her some decent depths too
  12. How many digs do people give a first season dog?
  13. I bought one recently and all it said was frequency disabled or let me use the map but not the compass to find the dogs if you have a computer lead with it then plug it into computer to see what software it has on it in the folders if it's higher than 3.20 then you will have to perform a hard reset on it to downgrade the software there are sites that cover this topic on the internet
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