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Ferreting Under Hawks


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any of you ferreting/dog men fancy coming out with me and my lad to ferret under our cast of harris hawks , we dont use nets only ocassionaly ,we mainly do hedgerow on our permission , anybody interested message me , either on our permission or yours , we will also let you fly the birds aswell while we ferret , both birds are cracking hunters on anything that moves cheers bri

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You're a bit far from me otherwise I'd have loved to take you up on the offer. But I'm interested to know more about how they fly when you're doing hedgerows. I've been ferreting with Harris's a long time ago, but that was in fairly open country. If you're doing hedgerows I'm assuming a large percentage of the rabbits just run down the hedge. Can the birds strike at a rabbit in cover? Or will they only make a bid for any that break into the open?

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if the bunnies don't break cover ,the birds will try and ambush them in the hedge ,there really turned on if they miss a few as you will know,but its not about catching every rabbit that bolts we like to watch the chase just as much , but flying them in cast makes it a bit easier for the birds striking in the cover ,1 strikes 1 waits its great to watch . that's why we need a bit of help ferreting lol cheers bri

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we can sort something out jedi no problem ,we don't expect you to do all the ferreting mate lol, they had the first fly of the season yesterday still a bit high in weight, but nxt couple of weeks should see them coming back to hunting mode after the moult , pm me and we will sort sumat out , you to deanflute cheers bri and aidan

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