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  1. Yes your right I probably should have put I dont want them gutted
  2. Can anybody help out I need 8 ferreted or air rifle shot rabbits for next saturday the 6th rabbits must be complete as they will be used to train dogs to retreive also 8 pigeons will be much apreciated if you can help cheers steve
  3. Would have took that but to far mate bit of a clean up will make a good starter ferret hutch hope you sell it mate
  4. I have two Brittany dogs both work on shoots and with my hawks and falcons would not go hawking now without a dog they are not the easiest of gundogs to train but done correctly you will have a great companion
  5. Saline water for washing wounds electrolyte fluid crop tube bandage permanganate crystal wound powder the above should cover you for most things whilst out at the feild
  6. Nice to see a harris with a decent bell on instead of shit lahore bells.lol regarding snatching food more than likely a touch over weight drop her half ounce andkeep her at that weight for a week then re evaluate her, not saying your doing this but ive seen people change a bird weight 4 times in a week up and down like a yo yo and learn nothing ive read all your diary you done well with her mate
  7. Dont worry about quartering etc the dog has a good nose and work out how to use the wind itself as others have said recall is number 1 priorty a dog that wont comeback when told is no use to anybody I also teach the stop whistle seen to many dogs run over chasing from feild to feild over country lanes
  8. Yes good idea keeps a chilly wind off them at night
  9. britdog


    To be honest I dont see the need for extra vitamins if your hawk is fed a good mixed diet. When moulting mine get quail , rat, crow rabbit the odd pheasent or partridge left over from the season and seagull. No day old chicks until a couple of weeks before getting them out again. When flying they get most of what they catch and get picked up with a rabbit back leg or doc never had a problem iam not saying the vitamins sold are crap just a good diet should keep them healthy and flying strong
  10. Mike the main thing is to consider is damp and wind. If your hawk is going to be tetherd down use a perch at least 18inch of the ground and away from any draughts. Harris hawks are tough as old boots but this does not mean you cant useabit of common sense regarding the housing also if there is a cold frost forcast her food intake may be higher
  11. Me and my mate will come up and ferret for you if at end of the day we could chuck gos at a rabbit our land is phes and partridge so struggle for rabbits
  12. Thanks to muddy210 for the kit I picked up yesterday nice clean and healthy and free thanks again
  13. Yep as greyrake says once the kitt as a play mate no rush to get them in with the older ones thanks guys
  14. Thanks to everyone for all your advice but after several attempts in diffrent ways the 2yr old gill will not tolarate the kitt at all I put a tempory patrician in the hutch things seemed to have improved so after 3 days I opend it up the gill grabbed so hard on the youngsters back I had to get her off call me a whimp but I cant put the kitt through that again so ive orderd another kitt to keep her company picking it up on saturday
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