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Yesterdays Run About

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went out yesterday morn with my son kevin,took the ozzie (10 months old) pup with me,and rellik (16 months old)accompanied by Sonic,sire of ozzie and 1st x sal/g.hound. we arrived at a place we were shown last season and the ''big rabbits'' arent over plentifull but you can get a run or two if lucky.So we walked......and we walked........andwe walked some more and did you ever get to the stage where you go numb,lol.Concentration levels dwindle from the heat and no activity at all,and then when your not at all ready a furkin lump of a runner jumps up and takes off like grease lightning,Before i knew it was up and gone it was 60 -70 yards away allready so i slipped ozzie and Kevin slipped sonic just for the pups experience and to drive him on.Well I must say the 2 dogs tied the yoke up in knotts,a few attempts to catch went just slightly amiss and there was a fall from ozzie and he picked himself up and was back in again in no time,It lasted just under a minute and with the heat as it was,it was long enough,A few times the ''big rabbit'' tried to get out a gate but the pup turned it back in the field again,in fact for a pup I thought he controlled the situation very well,with his sire by his side,both ran very well.It then went out into the field where sonic made a dive for the prize but missed by a fraction and out of the blue ozzie rushed in and took hold,job done.Im not bragging as its early days and when x mass and Jan comes along it may be a different scene all together,but ozzies been on 4 ''big rabbits'' so far and has caught all of them alone,even though he ran with his sire twice and rellik once,im very happy with him.he was also involved with the capture of a very big object last week and to say he took to the task is an understatement.
We,collected the prize and then proceeded to walk another while as rellik had not been released on this last run,so we said we'd try to give him a bit of sport if we could.it was now 10.30 a.m. and the heat was getting serious,we walked 2 fields when a fine ''big rabbit'' jumped from its seat and i let it go 20 yards before I slipped the pup,and Kevin in his excitement slipped ozzie again,even though we agreed not to run him again.This run though was a big dissapointment as the ''big bunny'' didnt even get a turn in and was caught by rellik in 2 quick manouvers,I reckon this animal was not well as it was a very poor effort on its part to run and survive,so much so I never even raised the camera to photograph it.which is very unusual for me.We decided to head home as the sweat was trickling from every orifice of my now suffering body,anyway it was a productive morning aand good education for the young dogs.They both now know whats expected of them when that slip lead is produced and hopefully they will keep improving as time goes on.





















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You write a good read jigsaw, cheers me up when I see a new post from you on here as its always a good one. Not enough people, myself included, are putting posts up like this and its what makes the forum good.


Well done dogs and writer :victory:

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