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My New Theoben Evo .177 (Converted To Spring Power)

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Cheers guys yep done the deed married man ! Lol

Feel ill today think I drank my body weight in whiskey great day though happy chappy today

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Quick update all parts been made he has spun the piston and shaved the rebate indie that the RAM o ring sits in as caught on spring new complete delrin guide and top hat and pre loads should be smooth as now !

We rebuilding it at his and fiting a securing pin through so IL add pics while there

Cant wait

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Just sold one of these in mint condition I loved it as a rammer

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That's a lot of spring that you've had to fit to make the power you've got.


Honestly, does it really shoot better than when the ram was fitted? I know the cocking cycle will be easier but what about everything else?


Interesting thread.

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Hand on heart it shoots better I got 3 springs to try in it today but needed a big spring to do anything over 6 ft lbs there was not a lot of recoil just a harsh twang from guide

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Well I was up at his workshop for 4 hours today we got new guide in and top hat all greased up etc and now shoots a dream very very little recoil and no more horrific twang put around 30 shots through it and its settled at a very consistent 11 ft lbs exactly stays in the 11.0s too over moon with it he even made a very neat cover for back of action too as they just have a cer clip and o ring as standard finishes it off perfect I'm really going to enjoy this gun was worth all the effort ive put in, he even made me another spare guide as I may be tempted to do 1 in .22 at some point. The guy who made it makes custom parts for all guns to a great standard and is a top bloke to deal with IL put a link to his website up when its finished :-)

Few pics of what we done today

The new guide









Will put some groups up from it probably tomorrow looking forward to good test

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Well had half hour this morning with it and was instantly unhappy with trigger was awful so stripped back down was full of grease and gunk

Removed all parts gave good clean them used dremul to polish all metal to metal contacts splash of oil rebuilt and much better the pull is still pretty heavy so may bend the spring in to make lighter .

Couple of pics

20140709_102006.jpg 20140709_102949.jpg 20140709_102954.jpg 20140709_102958.jpg 20140709_104458.jpg


then put 6 shots through chronograph and got these readings


20140709_095144.jpg 20140709_095222.jpg 20140709_095332.jpg 20140709_095417.jpg 20140709_095531.jpg 20140709_095609.jpg


can't argue with that ;)

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