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John Harrison Leaving Ullswater


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Beautiful part of the world...         For a Lincolnshire lad, it's a pretty magical place.

Good luck to whoever gets the job, as has been said it's not a job it's a way of life. Plus whoever carries the horn for any pack has to put up with being compared to huntsmen of past with an army of

i couldent agree more about the first bit (and a bit of the second)....edmund is a true gent of the highest order! as is George the huntsman.. they will both take a min and ask every one how they are


I know the perfect lad for the jobo but hes tree cutting at the mo :laugh:

Jobo could hunt each fell pack on a different day and the pennine on a sunday :whistling:



he myt even be able to fit in rockwood harriers one of the days lol !!! imo the young huntsman you just spent the weekend hunting with would be the man for the job proper nautral houndsman but mr rogers likes yes sir no sir huntsman. Hes single handed kept the hunt going over the years but hes also played a bit part in taking the hunt from a top class well respected pack of hounds to something so far from that now. But hopefully they will rise again !!

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With out the likes of AR many hunts would have gone under long ago they some times have make decisions people may not like. And get the wrong reputation. But there are a lot worse things threatening hunting Than people who have gave a great part of there lives to a hunt Lets hope the younger generation stay the course ,

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