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John Harrison Leaving Ullswater


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Beautiful part of the world...         For a Lincolnshire lad, it's a pretty magical place.

Good luck to whoever gets the job, as has been said it's not a job it's a way of life. Plus whoever carries the horn for any pack has to put up with being compared to huntsmen of past with an army of

i couldent agree more about the first bit (and a bit of the second)....edmund is a true gent of the highest order! as is George the huntsman.. they will both take a min and ask every one how they are

is he going to hunt another pack,and how wood you compare him to dennis barrow,atb wf

hunted...drank and sang with him a good few times..top bloke good hound man. seems very quiet and focused on the job..as good as any and better than some in the lakes! i wish him all the best...and ime sure their will and should be a rush for the replacement...fell huntsmans job are....as you know very very rare!

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He's going to Canada to hunt over there. I've heard one or two names being mentioned for the job and I wouldn't say they'll be a rush, it's a bit of a specialist job is being a fell huntsman. Most couldn't do it

. There was loads in for it down to two , Know who id put my money on but it will all come to light within the next couple of weeks Edited by gonetoearth
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