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  1. Look nice in there working clothes. Way they should be.
  2. Big scouse Fooker......
  3. Where is the big fella. Has he disappeared.
  4. Plus you have to put more clothes on to travel with him cos he drives every where with windows open in landrover.lol Brrr.
  5. A few years ago after a big days shooting here I set off at 5.30pm down to Holmfirth, meeting JW at the Huntsman Pub for a bite to eat and a few beers it was back to the kennels for a good chat and then bed. Up at 5.30 for a meet at Edale with AR arriving at 6am hounds in trailer and off we went. We met at 7am and after a short hunt, had him. Drew on for rest of morning but all was blank. Scenery was outstanding in this valley even on a windy sunday morning. By 11.30 all the Cragrats were out in force on all the foot paths so home was blown as it was hopeless trying to stay out there way.
  6. Just wondered because you have ripped him to shreds in other posts. But I new you liked him really :D
  7. I see you are a big AR fan. Good to see!!!
  8. I remember the day you took that photo of John And Harry GTE. Was a very exciting day on Tinto Hill....
  9. Im in there big man, got it weeks ago.!!!
  10. Know it already, don't need to tell myself anything.
  11. Don't think he has taken them too far down hill, and the man that's leaving him was never a yes man to him.
  12. Theres short and then there feckin too short!!!! :yes:
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