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Robbed Whilst Hunting!

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Went out to the paddocks last night with the bullpup and the NE500. Whilst setting up and checking zero, a nice rabbit wandered out of the brambles. Feeling charitable, what with it being new year and all, I decided to give it a belated Hogmanay present of a Defiant Ogive.


Overcome the rabbit rolled over with delight back into the brambles, I went across to see if it was OK and it had gone! Completely vanished! Like no bun!


I know I got it on a head shot, there were no burrows visible, but bun had bugged out.


Preturbed I started my patrol but there were not many about and due to the moonlight and distinct lack of cover, I did stand out a bit.


Packing up the permission holder accosted me, swinging a rabbit that had suffered a head shot! He was leading 2 horses back up the road when he came across a cat dragging a bunny with an obvious head wound. Realising it was one of the pair that plagued the paddock where I was setting up, he deduced I had shot it and had been cat burgled, literally!


So he shooed the cat off and brought it to me, as he said, nice sized rabbit that! Must keep an eye out for one annoyed and mental mog next time I am setting up!



Apologies about the photo, the new 14 megapixel camera does not seem as good as my old 3.2 megapixel camera!

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The gun is very handy when doing the under the electric fence limbo and in hides and vehicles, also damned handy when roost shooting (my roost shoot the trees are nervous and huddle together). I think they style it to appeal to a "Call of Medal of Duty" generation and if it gets a few kids off the egg boxes and shooting weapons then surely that is a good thing!


Just weighed it prior to filleting, I gutted and skinned it last night, 2lb 8 ounces of gutted and skinned rabbit! Not a bad sized bunny! It now has a date with an apple, 2 carrots, some shallots, a black pudding and some stock made from the bones!

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Nice shot but far to much video gameish that rifle. Think my permission owner would laugh at me if I turned up with that to do a black ops attack with night Vision on a few rabbits.



well i will soon be getting one of these bullpups in .22cal fac at 30fpe

to use with my NV gear ,as its ideal for ambushing and shooting from my friends 4x4

Well done SAM.

atb brian

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