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  1. The E700 will be the best board camera to use in most builds. A lot of people have tried the cheaper route and have been happy with the results, But the E700 is hard to beat. If you buy from Sure24 they will even remove the IR filter for you. For a better idea of various home brew builds it's worth getting on the night vision forum.
  2. They are left alone probably because it's too expensive fighting the court of human rights ( or should that be terrorist rights ) to get rid of him out of the country.
  3. I am sure if the article about is untrue he would be the first shouting bit from the roof tops. DB's got it nailed, anyone wanting to live here in peace and contribute to society then all power to them. But if they, like the scum bag cleric, are found to be involved in any sort of terrorist activities the boot their sorry asses out.
  4. Give him a chance, it must be hard for him to fit in while sitting in his million pound house we have provided him. Besides we must give him due respect with him being a man of religion and peace.
  5. According to MSN news the Cleric allegedly behind the Tunisia attack lives in the UK and claims 50k a year on disability allowances. If this is true then they need to ship his ass over to Tunisia and let them deal with him. He wouldn't get a cushy cell over there.
  6. Just read in this months BASC mag about a 999 call in regards to a 'hit and run incident' in Epping Forest. When the operator if an ambulance was required, it turned out that the report was about a dead squirrel. Jesus to think that there are people like this walking around in society, they probably wouldn't even see what they had done wrong.
  7. Also try focusing the lens on the camera, undo the little grub screw and then focus it.
  8. See it now, just got in from work and my brain is porridge, LOL
  9. Inland revenue, you honestly think they pay any sort of tax,,,,,, right.
  10. Thought I'd give the heads up for anyone around my area, a new Hydrodip company has opened in Donington. I have nothing to do with them just thought I would pass the info on.
  11. My little run around, not a rocket ship but does me.
  12. XTX is your best bet mate, his work is great with a good customer service back up.
  13. Hi mate still stand by spending the little extra on the E700, you won't regret it as it will be all the camera you will need for add on.
  14. If the camera doesn't work out look at the E700 from Sure 24, good price for the best camera you can use on your add on. They even remove the IR filter for you. Although you can put the rest together for pennies the camera is the thing to get right.
  15. Check there is no leaks first then if it's all ok rip his hand off.
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