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Boxing Day Squirrel Shoot

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After not been to this land in a while I dropped a bottle of whiskey and card at the farmers house and had a quick chat the other day and said I'd be going out in the next week or so now I'm off work. We had a good frost this morning and knew the squirrels would be knocking about when it would start to thore. This permission is main woodland where his sheep and beast graze and there is a syndicate pheasant shoot so plenty of pheasants and feeders. Iv only really wondered into the woods with the dogs a couple of months ago but didn't see to much because of how thick the woodland is so today I walked round the edges picking off any stray squirrels. Plenty about and could of got into double figures if I had stayed longer and a Was abit quicker with getting the shot off. I managed 5 all less than 35yards with my ultra. These guns suit me perfectly. now I'm not really a member of the noodle arm bragade but the size means I can pull the rifle in tight and being very pointable and very accurate when I can shoot straight... Was a nice few hours out and will definatly be out again before I'm back at work. the woodland in the picture is only half to woodland which goes right round the river to the house where the arrow is.

Atb guys and hope you all had a good Christmas!




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Nice one lewis mate :thumbs:

The wind has been a pain in the backside here aswel :blink: 30+ mph today!


should 'settle' to a more manageable 10-12 mph tomorrow so going to try get out for a few hours :thumbs:

Tell me about it mate iv been go karting today I thought I was going to stop and go backwards down the straight. Its suppost to be a decent day tomorrow but I'm going ferreting so might get out Monday and Tuesday next week

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Shooting Lewis ,windy in the sunny north west so gave it a miss today.

Noticed you say that your lurcher is a rescue dog - "good on you mate"



Cheers mate, we got her around a year old never amounted to much but a family pet that will catch something now and again but she's getting on abit now



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Out of all the pest species on the list the Grey Squirrel is the one i despise the most.. :yes: ..cracking shooting and cracking bag.. :yes: ..keep at them as it's a endless task trying to rid them of Red Squirrel populated land.. ;)

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