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Boxing Day Squirrel Shoot

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well as i said i would be back out on sunday with my mate but he hadnt been to well the night before so didnt make it out, things started abit slow plenty of activity but nothing wanted to let me get a shot off. the first squirrel i shot was coming into a feeder which normally has a few kicking about this one was walking along the branch to the feeder when it paused so at 25m off the bipod was an easy shot. straight through and off the other side of the branch into thick brambles. didnt fancy finding that one. had another walk round and spotted a young rabbit with a standing shot around 20m down a bank that rolled over and down the bank. iv found there is two main feeders where there an abundance of squrriels, so alternating beween these two works well and managed another 4 squirrels while i was waiting for one of the shot i was thinking alot of shot placement and the pathways that the pellet would take through the head of animal. another nice few hours out.





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