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Andrew Beirne

Airedale Terrier

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It's what's in her head that makes her so good: very driven, focused and very intelligent. Not always an easy dog to be with: you can't ever just 'go for a stroll' and relax, because she never switches off if she's anywhere around scent. Doesn't matter what it is: a rabbit is searched for just as determinedly as anything else.

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I doubt there are many - if any - left now; as far as I know jrearthdog was the only person to import and breed and his last litter must have been 8 - 10 years ago. BUT, for those that are interested.... I have a friend in the US who plans to move here towards the end of this year and bring his two redlines with him. He has a dog and a bitch, both bred the same way but from different litters. So no chance of purebred pups, but it's just possible he might be prepared to let the dog be used at stud. I think it's about 3 - 4 yrs old, so still got plenty of years ahead of it. I've seen photos and it's a handsome, strong looking dog.

If both dog and bitch are from redline airedales and bred the same way, albeit from different litters, why wouldn't the pups from them be purebred, or have I missed something? Lol :thumbs:

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they full bro/sis but from separate litters shaark lol atb cbx

Lol thought so, just after I posted lol. It was the 'different litter' bit that threw me off course for a bit lol :thumbs:

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