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New Season In France

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I don't know exactly what do you mean by "mix", it means to bite ? If it means to bite, they are more barkers than mixers. Betty, the left one on the pic, is my best jack (10 badgers in 5 hunts this

Some pics from my digging class  

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Yes they try. We have to struggle.


But we are strong because farmers don't want more badgers. They fear tuberculosis. France is classified free of tuberculosis.


Second fact. We do a lot of work to promote fairplay in hunting. We have to hunt very clean in order to improve our image.

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I wish you's all the best with the new dangers to terrierwork.

Those against terrierwork in France will be looking to educate the French public with their lies in every way they can so make sure that no one is giving them the ammunition they need to use against you.

Are the other hunting organisations in France supporting terrierwork ?

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just enjoyed ten minutes catching up on this thread blaise. i particularly like your small russells. some of them around the ten pound mark i believe. hats off to them little soldiers. and good hunting. i wish these forums had mor posters like yourself :thumbs:

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Thank you Cleanspade.


This bitch is named Betty. 10 pounds. Hunt after hunt Betty proves you can be a little dog and a great dog to hunt badgers. Even when badgers weigh more than 30 pounds.


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The little black bitch ?

Iris is 10 months old. Usually my young dogs begin on badger after 12 months. But we didn't wait so long with this one.


The 18th of may in the morning, Iris began as first dog on the badger set. 15 minutes walking on the earth and then she decided to go to ground.

10 min later, Iris was barking her first badger. We were very happy.

During three hours, the young little bitch worked without rest. She stayed on but it was moving. We made three holes. The badger was to strong for her, it was waiting the dog in crosses.

Iris exit at 13h. We are hopeful.


Another dog did the job one hour later.

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