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neil ramsden

Ruger 10 22

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Hi guys, and fems,

Any of you peeps shooting a Ruger 10 22, looking for info, are they accurate and at what range and do they have problems with jamming. differant gun dealers have differant views on them, cheers peeps

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I rate them.


I don't own one at the min but I definitely would own one, my mates got one in a synth stock and it shoots superb, no trouble with subs





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My mate the Seeker has one,it rarely jams,he has done a trigger job on his,which I would say is essential(standard triggers are dreadful) he has put a hogue stock on it and free floated the barrel,it is a very accurate rifle,I regularly see it headshoot rabbits at 80-90 yards,just be prepared to do a couple of cheap mods mate andyou will be very pleased with a 10/22.

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    • By Rimfireboy!
      If anyone’s interested, I decided to pattern and compare .22 and 9mm flobert shotshells. Using my 14 inch Anschütz, I shot a .22 Winchester superX #12 shot at a rat target at five yards to see if it would likely be effective at that range. To compare using my 24 inch Manu-Arm bolt action, I shot 9mm fiocchi #6 shot at the same range, and 9mm rws acorn brand #10 at the same range. I went on to extend the range of the 9mm flobert’s at ten, fifteen and twenty yards for comparison. Here’s the results.....

    • By Gav
      I had an hour to spare so decided to take the 17HMR out, I don't get it out enough really, mainly just because I'm a tight old git!
      Anyway hole number one, ranged at 88 yards with rangefinder, scanning the ground with the scope, a bloody immigrant came into sight, to my absolute disgust it was actually copulating with a local, having no choice I promptly dispatched it, the participant promptly ran off or it would have got the same. Three more locals swiftly followed their demise, as I was waiting to see if any more wanted to play I realised I had my phone, so took pictures too.
      I then went on down the road to another spot I frequent, most ran off as I approached, but managed to nail two that were convinced they were hidden as rocks, I proved them wrong. One actually managed to writhe around a bit after the first shot so a second was issued promptly, these were around the 75 yard mark.
      I wanted to checkout another hole I'd been hammering quite hard during the week and taken 19 out of since Monday. I was pretty sure they knew my landy by now and would be holed up before I got chance to scope them out, oh how wrong I was, two babies an easy target out around eighty yards (yes I shoot babies, they'll be big ones soon enough). I also missed a bigger one a bit further out which ran to ground very quickly, must have been close but not close enough.
      I'm sure everyone has seen enough dead rabbits so took some of the scenery I shoot around instead  apart from the floozy immigrant, I thought you all like to see that.
      All in all not a bad hour, and the scores are :-
      Rounds taken = 10
      Bunnies dispatched = 8 = £4 from the estate. 5 sold = £5 so all in all more than covered the ammo, happy daze 😎

    • By vin
      Hello, Chaps.
       I have been told by the landowners and keepers where I do most of my Pest Control etc. I need to get my FAC to go forward into the future.
      I have permissions to shoot on various land, But I'm a traditionalist and prefer to work the ferrets and dogs etc. ( I remove thousands per year ). I do pest control for a living and I am fully insured, qualified etc in all these departments. I recently went on a job to shoot some rabbits with a gentleman I know and he used his 17 HMR, I will never use a Rapid 7 again.lol. 
      The time has now come for me to take the next step and get my FAC. I intend to go for a 22 Rimmy and 1st of all a 17 HMR.
      This is the bit I'm sort of stuck on etc.... I do not want to join some local gun club and spend all my time shooting at targets on a range with posh people talking about facts and figures. I fully understand the need for knowledge and competency, safety etc. But I have no time for new friends and social circles in my life at the moment.
      IS there anyone local to me who would be kind enough to offer me some guidance and mentorship through the process of getting all my paperwork and equipment sorted etc. In return, I will make it worth your while either financially or with some sport on my land with me etc. I'm in Rotherham S.yorks. I have access to land local, but my main bulks of permissions are on the Yorkshire Dales.
       Kindest of regards
    • By Longshanx
      Just spoke to my RFD and still no news on the new Tikka rimfire, release date was supposed to be April-May😞
      Ive got my name down in the book for a 16” 17 HMR.
      Anyone else heard anything?
    • By Gav
      As it was nice took the .22 out, using cci mini mags got these four around the 60yds mark, all headshots within 15 minutes. 
      As I took the first photo and was about ready to pack up, one of their friends popped it's head out wanting to play, around the 40yds mark, I was happy to oblige. 
      The difference in damage at 20yds difference is explosive.