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Rabbit Lamping 25Th March Peterborough

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Guest scramble

25 quid for 7 rabbits in 3-4 hours?? plenty about was there. :hmm:

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As said it was guys first ever night out there is plenty about.the guy was more then happy when you think rabbits sell for £2.00 each he could make most of his money back

For most shootings a hobby so £25 is cheap imo all my customers go away happy.

chap also tipped so i can say hand on heart job well done

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he was out about 3 hours there where plenty of rabbits about heavy wind and he had never been out lamping before theres alot of 100+yrds shots he wasnt happy past about 120yds nothing wrong with that ,35 to 40 is the average he had about 15 shots if i remember the night was more of a learning curve for him as he had only ever shot of the bi pod of his truck bonnet.

im sure he will return and shoot many more with us hes posted on pw so im sure he would awnser any of your questions if you wish cheers karl

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Guest scramble

Karl you need to face facts, your FULL OF SH*T. you rip unsuspecting folk off on the promise of a good nights sport. permission is getting harder to come by and you and your "pal" are taking full advantage of this fact. people like you make me sick.

There's some good members on here that take others out for free, might not be the best nights sport but friendships are formed from such offers. :yes:

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most of my customers return , all are happy to pay for the privallage to come out on the land i manage or i can offer good sport on surrounding farms and estates our pheasant days are always full as is the deer stalking duck flights etc most are return customers

i provide a service to 100s of guns of all walks of life every year aswell as keepering my own estate

the shooting on estates i manage/ supply guns to is income for the estate not just myself


gamekeepers have been makeing extra from there pest control for 100s years why should i be different, just now days the estate get there cut if others can give a odd day for free thats no skin of my nose

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so if you have 100s of customers why o you have to advertise.you have to advertise because you talk the talk but can,t do the walk. tour a money taker simples.you said yourself he had about 15 shots .everybody knows windy are good nights so how meny shots would he have had on a still night.none

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hows about this one, a Karl quote from pigeon watch we let clients keep 1 or 2 rabbits :laugh: very generous after he just give ya 25 quid :bye: and shot the b*****ds for ya :laugh:

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