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    pigeon decoying ,deer stalking ,pretty much everything to do with hunting and fishing
  1. have 2 to 3 places pigeon decoying just outside peterborough this wednesday thanks all
  2. i useally just go out and take what i want to eat try not to freeze anything,if i break a deer up i useally eat the good cuts same day and make a few stews up then freeze them have froze mince up but prefer freash ,i love rabbit just have to cook it nice and slow
  3. got 4 guns out on the 17th 2+2 sharing hides so could do with a few other guns to make up the numbers and keep the birds moving farther and son team very welcome £30 a gun ,all equipment can be hired including magnets/flappers thanks for looking
  4. looking for a few guns to cover a few fields just outside spalding nr moulton got alot of pigeons hitting drillings / young veg cant garantee big bags but there on there first thing and late afternoon during the day they are still coming in but not constant ive taken 25 to 35 pigeons of it just to give a idea as said this is free as i dont think the shooting is constant enough to charge .so do me a favour thanks karl
  5. dont be to suprised if they dont decoy as they do in the summer be prepared to shoot them on there flight line ,
  6. Few lads from yorkshire to shoot pigeons sadly they blanked and have been jumping on every post they where not even my customers just so happens it was a farm i supply guns to sour grapes but hay ho life goes on
  7. Few lads from yorkshire to shoot pigeons sadly they blanked and have been jumping on every post they where not even my customers just so happens it was a farm i supply guns to sour grapes but ha ho life goes on
  8. Real shame should of come out with me we got plenty birds about at the minute
  9. as said have a look ebay theres some good glass secondhand ,spend the bigger money on a set of binos ive had a lot of scopes and yes the likes of zeiss are clear and youll get a few minutes at last light but theres some good scopes out there just dont get carried away with kit snobbery ive got a old parker hale with a bsa scope think it was 10 years old when i brought it still holds good zero ,but beware theres alot of very dodgy fakes on ebay cheers
  10. not a real troll i didnt mean that more of the internet varity im glad he has plenty of land to go at give you somewhere to go if only youd gone to him in the first place save you fuel ,mind you my life would not be complete now without our banter
  11. 30 pigeons with 4 inches of snow sounds pretty good to me as is 7 rabbits for a newbie shooter ,it cost me nothing i work for the farm our shoots fully booked and the deer stalking going well, pigeons always about as are the rabbits so im sure i will cope without you custom thanks i do enjoy are chats as everytime you bump my posts i get a pm saying dont worry hes a troll lol chat soon leslie cheers karl
  12. you have never been to any of my land have you ??? i cant find any record of you in my diary or reciept book
  13. im just testing the water at the moment ive been working on a charity decoying challenge ,the choosen charity will be help for heroes being ex household division myself i feel lucky that i never needed any help but theres plenty who are not so lucky.myself and the other staff came up with the idea and just wanted to get a rough idea of interest ive posted it on pw and have around 15 people interested the day is not yet set but the idea is we draw pegs go to hide area start at >>>>then all finish at >>> there is sponsorship sorted some good prizes ,ill supply tea coffe soft drinks at the start and after im also trying to sort a bbq etc but like i said early days the day will be in the harvest so a good day should be had by all please show you interest of go to pw to add you name ,there will be a doubles competition for anyone wanting to share a hide i think 2 teams already up for it ,13 guns interested so far venue will be peterborough over 2 to 3 farms accomodation is available cost is still being sorted all profit from the day goes to help for heroes cheers karl
  14. evening lamping for rabbits ,as the grounds very soft it will be on foot i have one chap already booked a second will be ideal bit of freindly competion is always good £25 each, start around 1900hrs, fac air welcome
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