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    Extreme game days at whitfield, long distance rifle shooting, trick shooting, coaching, bringing kids into the sport
  1. Just given the website a face lift and would appreciate constructive comments lads Cheers http://www.prestige-shooting-svcs.com
  2. Afternoon chaps, Just given the website a face lift and wanted to get some feedback from you guys the users, it's not fully finished yet but constructive comments welcome to make as user friendly as poss Cheers http://www.prestige-shooting-svcs.com
  3. You need to be the sales man but don't promise something you can't do, if you want to shoot 2 sats a month make that clear, if you say you'll shoot 4 then shoot 4 most of the time mate, the one thing that pisses farmers and landowners is when you say ill be here every weekend and you turn up twice in a month, get one on board service them well and then you can use them as a recommendation, good recommendation from one land owner to another is worth it's weight in gold. I run over 30,000 acres for various land owners using this method and it works but I always have the guns to back up what I tell them Good luck
  4. Hi mate, If you really want your own permissions then you have to go knocking on doors and put yourself across face to face, your determination will pay off in the end mate, alternatively there maybe some lads your way with permissions that might need help from time to time But being willing to lend a hand or beating will stand you in good stead I'm sure
  5. And their headbanging shots as well Well if your that confident lets say 175 yds for .22 rf and 250 for the hmr if your real keen lets do one at 500 with .243 for the bonus ! But be warned lads with a rifle I'm good.......real good, just so you know and can't say I hid the fact ! But you gotta beat 7 and 25 for the freeby and as above for the Brucy bonus
  6. Challenge for you then lads, windy night, no shots under yards lets see how many you bag..........ill put you on the rabbits, you get to take them all, shoot more than 25 seen as you think 15 shots and kill ratio is too low and you shoot for free..........just to make it interesting if you can pull off a 175 plus yd shot ill pay you £25 as a bonus ! Any body up for the challenge or is it all talk on here ?. I've met and shot with wildtrax and the man can pull some long range shots with that hmr and they stone dead in fact their insides like pea soup lol Don't mock lads you don't know anything about, your supposed o be professionals not school kids, go out in the same conditions and show your worth not snide jibes at genuine folk
  7. Pigeon shooting over decoys 13th April in Cambridgeshire All equipment can be provided if required Full and half day guided days also available PM for details £35 per gun
  8. Hi mate If you want to travel over to Peterborough I have plenty of shooting mate Regards Lee http://www.prestige-shooting-svcs.com
  9. If you fancy coming to Peterborough mate I can help you out with some days Regards Lee http://www.prestige-shooting-svcs.com
  10. Hi mate, We have lads coming down from Leeds/ Bradford and further north to shoot with us, have a couple of spaces free sat if interested ? £30 or £35 inc roost Lee http://www.prestige-shooting-svcs.com
  11. Hi mate, We have some extremely good shooting at the moment, we have spaces sat this week still if interested mate 18000 acres to shoot over with two guides keeping birds moving on uushot land, great day out £30 or £35 inc roost Regards Lee http://www.prestige-shooting-svcs.com
  12. 3 black bitches 1 black dog 4 yellow dogs 1 yellow bitch Born 28th jan, will be available end of march, sire is FTC from drakes head line, both parents are working dogs Dogs are priced at £500 bitches at £550 Both parents can be seen, we are located in peterborough Please call lee on 07770802599 if interested.
  13. hi Bryan, we are having a go tomorrow being monday if your interested if you are just give me a call mate, cheers, lee
  14. Any time really, sooner the better, think 8-10 ferrets would be ideal for a good day at them, think it may take a couple of days but we can judge it better after the first. Day, plenty of nets and long nets will be needed
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