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Working Bedlingtons 2005

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One of mates beddy types ?

A couple of digging lads that go to the meeting have been out with Cain this season,the FMWTC meetings where often a place that some found advantageous in sourcing stock,days in the field,like minded

Tango mid 90's Dam of Yogi

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usual end up as my dog is better tham your's  or hybrids against pure stuff and it gets boreing after a while



Guessed it might, I had a look at the posting on bedlington.co.uk seems to be some animosity in the bedlington world going back some years.

I've met a lot of the bedlington scene and get on with all, keep my opinions to myself.

I'm no history expert and don't even try to be there is or has been plenty of self representing 'experts' that can yarn of tales of Bedlingtons, some good some bad.

Not a breeding expert either, breed from workers get workers (if your lucky) outcross when you want, try and keep to a 'type' call them what you like but the essence of 'Working Bedlington' is still there.

I won't take sides on KC or Working lines as each to their own ( breeding lines, type, quarry, colour & coat inc) just wondering if anyone got any pics or good yarns of 'Working Bedlingtons'

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They look nice types, always fancied a bedlington as something different but never had the oppurtunity when it suited


Good luck with the young un



Cheers, I'll keep you posted on his progress, he self entered last Sunday worked a massive set appeared at most of the entrances, flew back in but to no avail nothin at home he's 'Keen' enough, works cover like a demon possesed.

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swansea where exactly are you from as thats my part of the world pm me if you rather ..... the reason i ask is cos only last week i was down the track and met up with some very well known terrier men and we were discussing the fact the nobody keeps bedlingtons for earth work around s, wales anymore .............

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