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  1. Most of my birds are now through the moult just the odd feather here and there and looking really well and the cocks are singing their heads off . atb W.D
  2. Ive had a tidy season breed 57 gold mosaics so happy chappy . atb W.D
  3. Hi socks what channel was the program on last night about "Super rats atb
  4. Hi landrover thank you for that atb W.D
  5. Hi sorry if this as been asked before what are peoples thoughts on the Tikka T3 Varmint .243 20" . Ive just sold my Remy 223 Tactical and mod had a good price for them and this is what im thinking about getting next . atb W.D
  6. Hi Outlaw Pete this is what I use for my canaries Pigeon Granulated Floor Dressing 20kg Granulated Floorcovering (Anti-Coccidiosis) Natural Granulated Floorcovering is a natural product consisting of lava drawn from the subsoil. The treatment and the granulation of this particularly porus substance offer it an exceptional absorbing power: 1kg of granules can easily absorb 1 litre of water. Thanks to this the Granulated Floorcovering guarantees perfect hygiene in the loft. When the pigeons droppings fall on the granules, they dry in no time, which stops the contamination cycle by parasites. The use of Granulated Floorcovering pratically stops maturation of the oocysts of coccidiosis and of the eggs of the ascarids. Moreover the granules absorb the smell of the droppings. It can stay in the loft for one year provided it is raked weekly. When the granules and droppings are removed from the loft they can be used as excellent fertilizer in the vegetable and flower garden. Natural Granulated Floorcovering - a bag of 20kg covers 1.5 m2 atb W.D
  7. Hi dogmad riley ive got the country mischief books i think they are a cracking read . atb W.D
  8. COCH-Y-BONDDU BOOKS LTD COURSING: THE PURSUIT OF GAME WITH GAZEHOUNDS Author: Grant-Rennick (Richard). Editor. Book Code: 29431 ISBN: 0950214892 Our Price: £100.00 The Standfast Press. Saul, Gloucestershire. ND (1976) 1st edition. Folio. Ppxiv,303. Colour plates, illustrations, bibliography, silk marker. Green cloth. Shaken & sl bowed. Good reading copy without dust-wrapper. Notes: Includes colour plates by Michael Lyne and Mary Browning, John Tickner's drawings and Leslie Benenson's wood engravings. Over thirty expert contributors include Ted Walsh, H.Edwards Clarke, and Roger Upton. Appendices include National Coursing Club rules, Waterloo Cup winners, Select Commitee reports on coursing etc. And on abebooks.co.uk Passion for books. you can pick the same book up for Price: £ 39.20 Convert Currency Shipping: £ 3.45 Within United Kingdom 9780950214894 ISBN 10: 0950214892 / 0-9502148-9-2 ISBN 13: 9780950214894 Publisher: Standfast Press
  9. Hi Bigthug87 don't under stand what you mean by (think most specifically state deer so would watch what yours says mate.) Look at my first post I asked for a 243 for deer and fox when my FAC came back it had on it deer plus AOLQ . I have a remmy .22 fac air rifle 223 remmy tactical never was asked about doing the DSC1 there are a fair amount of deer on my friends land and other farms I go on ive got a fair bit of experience with firearms im nealy 54 years of age been on farms shooting all my life with fac plus shotguns .
  10. Hi THE STALKER how do you find the stock on the Browning xbolt ive had they ok today to put my Remington 223 in and buy a new 243 . atb W.D
  11. Hi mickmck that is a fine looking yellow mosaic cock you have there have you got a picture of the yellow mosaic hen .All the best for the breeding season and finding a red black hen atb W.D
  12. Hello TheScruffyOne and welcome hope you enjoy . atb W.D
  13. Hi sunbeam hello welcome hope you enjoy where in South Wales you from atb W.D.
  14. Hi Fat-Ferret any chance of a link to the new book about his dogs and breeding. atb W.D
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