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Ferreting under buildings.

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Anyone ferret under buildings? I have a bit to do and a few of the warrens are under buildings. Theyre small warrens only 3 or 4 holes but theyre under a concrete slab so Im a bit worried about not being able to retrieve the ferret if something goes wrong.


The landowner wants them out from under the building so I think Ill backfill the holes after Ive ferreted them.

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Theres a stable block i do like that never had a problem you can follow the ferret under the concrete with the box and the rabbits still bolt . the second ones at another stables its just a concrete base and the building fell down . If i ever had problems i thought i would just dig in from the side never had to but it was a option . Same place the rabbits are under the main road and ive never even thought about ferreting there

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done plenty over the years and add some good bags but i can remember one time me and me mate done this big shed in a cherry orchard we add about 4or 5 when it went quite. half hour goes by nothink we strated going round avin a listen when me mate said i can hear the ferret its in the shed bollocks i said this shed full of cherry trays what we end up doing was gettin the rabbits tirein there back legs with hop string and were the shed was a bit rotten we broke the boards pushed the rabbits in each hole about 10 mins later one of the rabbits was being pulled and when we pulled it out we got it we was only about 14/15 year old boys .happy days for sure another thing your get is ferrets with bald sore heads were they try to push over the rabbits and graze there heads

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Love doing buildings and such places always gets you thinking out of the box,, like the post above.


Do no end of barns in the dales,, there's about 8 or 9 on some of our permissions ,,, that are always good for a few out of each one sometimes 7 or 8










A mark under the floor





Under a container and building materials






Under this rock pile outside a barn,,, always get a few here ,, think the first time we had 10






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I remember when i first started ferreting there where a few rockpiles on my permission never had longnets and my dog wernt much cop. Used to net there nearest warrens and try and backnet em. Like you said gets you thinking outside the box. Even tried propping up purse nets with sticks in the holes in rabbit proof fencing lol.

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