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  1. Cheers mate. Didn't think you would've gave these fellas up as I know how much you like your ferretin. Top bloke. We'll get a day out soon mate ATB.
  2. AirgunGuy

    Sold!!! Sak Moderator. As New.

    Yip...1/2UNF. Cheers
  3. An AA S410 magazine in .22. I bought this as a spare but have now sold the rifle so up for sale. Had no more than 100 pellets through it. £20 delivered.
  4. Silver SAK mod for sale. Had it on an a .22 air rifle and only used a few times at the range so it's as "as new". £30 delivered.
  5. AirgunGuy

    Im Back Ya Feckers!

    Good luck to you. You'll be glad you're fit for it again ;-)
  6. AirgunGuy

    Im Back Ya Feckers!

    Back from what? Who the fcuk are ye?
  7. AirgunGuy

    Whippet Pup Thread

    Ideation...empty your inbox
  8. AirgunGuy

    No Look

    Does she grab them when they hit the nets when out ferreting?
  9. AirgunGuy

    Air Arms S410 Problem

    Worth a try mate. Let us know how you get on.
  10. AirgunGuy

    Air Arms S410 Problem

    I'd try compressing the spring in the mag 1st mate. Tiny bit at a time til it rotates easier. If the mag becomes to slack once wearing in then you can open the spring up again.
  11. AirgunGuy

    Air Arms S410 Problem

    I'm not sure if the clip is different on the newer models but you can move the small retaining clip slightly with the older model. The small silver sleeve on the mag should sit in the groove on the retaining clip to hold it in position.
  12. AirgunGuy

    Air Arms S410 Problem

    Try rotating the mag. If it's stiff it could get pushed out by the indexing post. You can open it and compress the spring between thumb and forefinger. Just a tiny bit at a time til its rotating better. Just be aware when you take the cover off the mag that the spring and ball doesn't pop out as they're very small. I'd try that 1st before doing anything with the indexing post and retaining clip if the rifle is new.