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11 months of my knife makeing (pics)

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Good luck with it Matt, you did some amazing knives, my friends are still using.

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Hello lads , I enjoyed looking at all those knives .

Interesting to me to see my work change as I went along .

Ive not made a knife in a few years now . And only own two of my own (what an idiot , I should have kept so many)

We took on a small tenant farm in Nottinghamshire with all the room I ever needed to make knives but no tools or time !

I just wanted to thank you all for your undying support over the years , knife making was the biggest success I have attained in my adult life , and that was down to the support you guys gave me . Having you all cheer me on to the next project meant so much it kept me focused on what I wanted to achieve, so thank you all !

As for whats next ....

Well I cant stand not being creative , so I have plans to make a new welding forge and either get one made or make a forge press . I feel Like I need to be making that fancy steel even if i dont make knives out of it . I talked to an English gun maker earlier in the year and they had some interest in possibly using pattern welded steel in some of the guns fittings . So you never know !

And this time we have a huge brick built barn to work in 😎

Good to see you back mate ... my countless knives my axe and my kukri are all going strong ... I use that kukri just about everyday and I still have no need to sharpen it 👍👍👍

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Ive got four knives I made ffrom blanks from you mate f***ing great knives

Wish Id have had a made knifr from you when I had the chance

Good work chap

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