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Cant believe the.amount of absolute w a n k e r s on here the boys just lost his dog at 17 years of age n yous are rippin the piss, bang out of order dare to call yersel dog lovers. all the best mate

Some right heartless cowards on this site. Look at the big men knocking a 17 year old straight after her dog's been killed.....   Should I really expect any more from this site?   I can take peopl

Sorry to hear that R.I.P SOX , I run some moors up here with cliffs on but I would never get anyone to slip their dogs near them as it's common sense, i'll give you a pup when I breed my 2 if you are

Tonight was the first night iv ever gone out with someone on there permission and il never do it again! To cut a long story short went into 1 field slipped dog on a rabbit sat fairly close to hedge he turned 5 times made a Strike but it got away into hedge, and the dog followed. A couple mins later I hear a scream that il never forget it was my dog but it was worse than I thought. I thought he would of maybe hit a tree or something until the guy I was with sed 'shit I forgot about that cliff!' my heart sunk when the dig didn't come back ran out and round to the bottom of the cliff and It was no small cliff!! He was there, keep telling myself he died doing what he loved and it was short and painless but if I'd gone on my own this wouldn't of happened and he would be asleep in his crate now.

At 17 years old and it will be at least that before I go lamping again it's game over for me... RIP Sox



pm sent pal

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sorry to hear that bud, your mate sounds like a complete tosser. I wouldnt give him daylight in a dark corner.

whats he doing taking you lamping in a area that has dangers like that when both you and your dog dont know the lay out.

i know its hard bud, but go out get yourself another dog, worst thing you can do is sit an dwell over it, ones thing for sure id never go out with that guy again :cray:

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Thanks for the comments and just in case don't go out with anyone from North Yorks who goes by the name of Podge- first name john don't no his last name tho. He calls himself a dog man that knows all there is too no about running dogs when he clearly nos jack shit! Feel sorry for his dogs :( Cammeryl (sorry if I spelt it wrong .. I'm a girl) lol

sorry for all your losses also guess it dosnt get easier

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