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  1. maybe so.still involves money being made from it.the reason i hunt deer is to feed my family.il clip one and wont worry about getting another one till my freezer is very low.i dont like the idea of going rambo on them just to feed a bravado.
  2. typical post from someone who gets into deer hunting and like many before you think that they are something above other ordinary people. looking down there noses at people who might not have the fancy clothes or a certain posh accent.deer are there for everybody we all got to eat.look at the photo you have on your profile of a few deer lying there why the need to shoot so many?or maybe they were on the way to a game dealer.maybe a bit more conservation and you would nt have to worry about who else is out.or maybe you want all to yourself
  3. Could you send it to Ireland? And what's the very best price you can do.pm me if prefered
  4. smashin dog that mate What way is he bred?I dont mean names i would nt have a clue i mean percentages.Thanks
  5. who did you ask to transport the dog?
  6. Nice pics mate.You sure some of them stags are not hybrids?
  7. them pups are crackers bud look in great shape
  8. really interested in a pup could you send me pics of parents?
  9. Giving its bull x and its acomplishments probably too embarassed to put all the zero"s behind it ha.
  10. pity mate. feel really bad for ya.another pup will get your head round it.
  11. nice dogs mate.really like the look of the axe murderer what way is he bred
  12. lovely pup mate. looks in peak shape fair play
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