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  1. North east finest

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    He Didnt chose to be Murdered , and do you honestly believe people who torture little children have a conscience . . Cause i Dont , the only guilt he would off had would off him being caught !cant say i know the bloke lolyou dont know that infact no body knows .............so we can make assumptions all we want ................... you prefer hes murdered and i prefer hes tortured for the rest of his life ....................im sure its not that much of a holiday for him lol......but i dont know ,....... FFS I don't need to no him to no somebody That Tortures A Child For Weeks on End Has NO CONSCIENCE . phychiatrist lol why do these sick people in jail keep trying to hang there selfs like huntly did ....? is it there consciounce or they getting treated bad or they dont like there room lol...........? crobina fucktheban ect ect
  2. North east finest

    Who's Still Doing The Job Now Its Winter Then Lads?

    its foooking febuary ................you do no when winter starts right
  3. North east finest

    Strongest jaw/bite on terriers

    the mastiff breeds have the biggest jaw strenght of all breeds of dog suposedly, maybe its because most tests are acted in kind of a police sanario [a dog running then biting] normally a arm sleeves with a pressure thing in, so does that not mean the bigger/heavier the dog the more pressure it will cause if you no what i mean, im not to good at wording things lol
  4. North east finest

    Where were you 10 years ago today?

    were you f**k my thoughts excatly hahaha
  5. North east finest

    meteorite over north yorkshire!!

    Seen it up hear in sunderland amazing
  6. North east finest

    found this last night

    Went lamping last night and found a few of these stapled to som trees lol lol. Do you think its a mick take?
  7. North east finest


    A no a lad whos selling a golly bred dog big strong dog, dont no what its like never seen it graft, its called king it came up from hull way. Giz a p.m if its any use to you and ill pass the lads number on
  8. North east finest

    subaru forester

    As above on a 51 plate subaru forester for sale very clean in and out. Has a month on both t and t. Looking for a swap for another 4x4 vitara or somthing similar
  9. North east finest

    Hunting Groups

    The running dog addiction being 1 and lurcher mad buysell or swap both fulla retarda, the owners of the groups is on hear lol
  10. North east finest

    2 foresters for sale

    Both in good condition
  11. North east finest

    2 foresters for sale

    Just the 1 for sale now Also v reg 120 thou on clock all weather pack silver in colour 650 no offers. p.m me and ill pass number on
  12. North east finest

    Stopping a dog attack

  13. North east finest

    Stopping a dog attack

  14. North east finest

    Stopping a dog attack

    grab dog round the back end and squeeze normally works, or if its you own dog getting attacked id say killing it any way possible lol
  15. North east finest

    terrier men in wolsingham

    Nice dog mate