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  1. good footage taken from a drone...
  2. i would deffo go with abit of Bull in there.. probably said pure wheaten but as alot of people know alot of wheaten back in day had bull blood added to give them some umph in some lines
  3. not been on this for a while, glad i remembered my password

  4. Described the event that took place tonight.
  5. I was always wondering about this cross, has anyone ever heard anything or came across (seen work) this type of lurcher, but i thought a rottweiler x greyhound could work, with the gameness of the rottweiler pace and agility and drive of the greyhound and intellginece between the two could make a good working dog, whats your thoughts on this cross, any pictures or info please provide in this thread, no slanging match or piss taking!
  6. what would you do if you seen someone on your permission? greet them or ask what there doing on here, what should you do, should you inform your farmer etc? lets here your points of views
  7. Good on you for rescuing the pup, hope it turns out as good as it can, makes me happy to see good people out there helping lurchers and other dogs Good luck with it Are you or have you reported the woman? Tilly x
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