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  1. I'm looking to buy my dad a decent set of knifes for gutting and butchering mostly rabbits and birds but the odd dear and pig too! Not wanting to spend a fortune but want a good set thanks in advance :-)
  2. She's not in all day tho she's in for 3 1/2 hours at the most, which personaly I don't think that's too long when she gets plenty of exercise the rest of the day. she can't come to work with it's a fairly posh setup.il have a look at that link thanks
  3. Iv looked into the citronella collars and lots of people say their dogs learnt to look away so the spray dosnt get them in the face ? And I left the TV on for her yesterday she was in her crate with a new bone and she was quiet all day barked for few seconds when I first left and that was it. But today same again and she barked for about half time I was out. I do walk her in morning like you said to try and relax her a bit but dosnt seem to do anything. It's a flat not a house sorry my mistake. I understand it's a big change and hopefully she will settle by herself but because my flats abo
  4. iv recently moved away from home and have brought my 6 year old collie with me, at home she went for about 8mths on her own when our other dog died she pined a bit but nothing major- didnt howl/bark when we left the house. we then got a puppy and she was back to normal. i start work at 7:15, back in the house at 9ish for 20mins for breakfast. back to work till 1 back for a hour at lunch.then back to work till 5. by the time i have left the house got my boots and everything on and got down the stairs the barking/howling starts and it dosnt stop till im back in the house. iv read some good ti
  5. i have 3 hobs and 4 jills, 2 of the hobs live together all year round. but the other hob will constantly fight with other hobs in the breeding season,fine through the winter though.the gills are in a hutch below the hobs
  6. does anyone feed there ferrets squirrels? where i work is swomped with them?
  7. thanks for the 2 sensible answers thats all i needed helpful thanks , and as for the search engine im on my ipod so cant
  8. just a question jesus someone has nothing better to do with there time...
  9. im wanting to buy a spring powered air rifle purely for shooting rabbits and need some advice on which 1 to go for seen as theres hundreds out there and each review pretty much says the same thing. it will be my first rifle for hunting had rifles for a bit of target shooting but nothing major. budget below £300 also .177 or .22 ( not that i no what that means) thanks in advance
  10. i really need a vaccestomised hob to either buy- no stupid prices, or to borrow ( will pay) im in the yorkshire area i no this shouldnt be in this section but i cant post in the buyselling section yet thanks
  11. Is it true you need planning permission for a kennel( only a small shed type setup to sleep 1 dog and a run attached) or were the neighbours just dropping hints they didn't want us to build 1?
  12. Iworkwhippets it was my beddiewhippet only 20mths bless him. He was buried tonight so it's actually sunk in now. It was shock and the spare of the moment thing that I said I wouldn't lamp again i think, il miss it too much
  13. It's alright pal haven't been a member long but iv learnt to just ignore some comments. There are some decent lads on this site tho,, iv had a few PMs Irish Lurcher being 1 of them offering help with pups and just general kind comments
  14. I always walked my permission on a regular basis I only ever go on my permission, but if you haven't read my topic Game Over then I advise you do if you don't walk your Land. Last night was the first time I went on someone elses permission trusting they walk it regulary and it ended badly. Always walk your permission!!
  15. No I knew what you meant it just shows there's some decent lads in this game and there's some complete jokers thanks
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