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Regarding fcuktheban

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I think everyone should watch out for this member, he's not right, at first I thought he was a sad lonely person with no job or life that had got a little bored of playing with himself whilst watching midget porn. But now realise nobody could be that sad and actually think it's an anti or a copper on a war path waiting for something/someone to prey on. Just beware lads cos this guy is one dodgy fella. Atb

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Leave her where she is, better the devil you know and she wont be the only wrongun here..........some will be a lot closer than you think

i got turned on by that photo ........ is that normal

19 pages, and still no minge. . . . .    

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He's a regular on here with over 1000 post's somehow i disbelieve he is either a "anti" nor a "copper"

He could think the exact same about you, but you don't see him posting shite about other members do ya?

Just keep your opinions to yourself and let everyone judge whoever they want, how they want.


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you say "which he is" do you have proof by saying those words.

no one can say he is or isnt.but we can say that about a good percentage of people on the net.i just take folk as i find them,and till yu actually meet someone in person,and see what they like in real life,even then they could still pull the wool over our eyes,just dont post anything on here that could get you in trouble,and you be fine

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No just cautious and can't stand filth or antis which this fella or woman is. Read it's posts and you tell me there ain't something strange, nobody's that sad......surely?!


You're just upset because your pup is bow legged and I told you the truth, get over it :cray:

That PUP is now 4 years old, and does the job no problem so whatever you want to say about it crack on, still doesn't change the fact that your a dodgy asshole! And what a surprise with in minutes of me posting this up your into it, searching through the forums 24/7 looking for something to use! like I said all, be very aware

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