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What a week!!

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Hi every one





Chaz, Paul, and I went to the dairy farm, to see if there were any rats about!

It wasn’t long till dark and they were still about, but not in big numbers as before. so the farmer graham is well happy with are visits!


We all spit up and done some static shooting at known hot spots, it wasn’t long before the first filthy dirty ******** showed its ugly face. I was watching its movements through my NV monocular which I got from Aldi “great bit of kit” I waited till it got settled a quick flick of the Tiablo A9 then sent a AA FIELD 8.4gr THWACK! Right in its kill zone.


The first to fall




Then the others followed














After having a successful rat shoot, I swapped places with chaz, and I went for a look around for feral pigeons, and it didn’t take long for me to spot 2 up in the apex of the barn with a great back stop. a steel girder, ranged @ 28yds THWACK!THWACK!! Game over!


Paul and chaz had a few rats, but were irretrievable.

It keeps the farmer happy


Group photo






I popped over to Marston farm for a look about, only went over till it got dark as I forgot my lamp! DOH!!


Anyways I got my self set up and had a mooch around, first I took a look over the back wall. And there was one out about 25/27yds slowly raised my AAS410K level with the wall then just slowly moved to the left to take the shot, but as soon as I rise my head it clocks me and dose one! I didn’t have my face veil on my face lit up like a light with the sun in may face.


So I went around to the back garden, just as I passed the veg patch .there was a kit out munching away but once again it had seen my movement and legged it :doh:

I carried on through to the back garden and there was one out at 47yds.this was a tricky shot as if I had went prone I could not see the kill zone, so had to take this one kneeling!


So down slowly it hadn’t clocked me PHEW!!

I had my left knee leading the shot with my forearm running parallel with my thigh, as I find this is the most stable stance for a kneeling shot! Slowly raised the AAS410K and steadied my breathing. My target had its back to me so I watched it for about 2/4 minutes a small suck of the lips. Its head high as I exhale I sent a lump of lead its way THWUCK

MISSED!! As I took the shot it had just moved it head oh well!


On I go east to the front field, as I looked here last week and did see a few out. So I approached with caution! Slowly moving down a bank with nettles as high as me to get to a prone static position, once I got settled I waited for my quarry to show it’s self. Two popped out of the hedge after about half an hour but they were 65yds away and as it was a bit windy I didn’t think about taking them, so I waited till they got closer.45 minutes later they were at 50yds :doh: still to windy then a hour and half later they were in range, spot on my 35yd zero. And then one decided to go into the hedge just leaving me one target.



So I had to make the most of this as I was loosing the light fast!

Slowly I reached forward to the fore stock and lowered my bipod and got it positioned at the desired angle, all the time while I was watching its head come up and down

(Move when its head was grazing, and stop when it was looking up) now I had every thing set it was just down to me & my trusty AAS410K cross hairs locked on 0.5 mil of wind (as I call it 3 o’clock shooting) :laugh: I took up the first stage and squeezed home the second aa filed went hurtling down to the target with a response of a loud THWACK!!

A nicely executed shot! And the first of the night and the only one of the night :laugh:








I went over to the paddocks to give my young Jedi apprentice AKA Rommel of here some tuition, as he is shooting a .22 AAS410K which I sold him, a very accurate air rifle.

This was his final tuition lesson before I thought he was ready to take live quarry.

We had a zero session and it was going good. We then decided to get our self’s set up and do some static shooting.


We walked over to the front paddock and got are self’s cover in the long grass ,and waited for the first target to arrive and it did about an hour later first rabbit 51 yds this fell to me as I didn’t want to put to much pressure on my Jedi! 1.1/4 mil dot on target squeeze THWACK! And it’s game over, First one in the bag.


We waited a while then a wood pigeon landed, and as we are protecting crops from the land owner’s adjacent fields we decided to take it! I ranged it at 30yds and now it was right on the .22 zero and up stepped the Jedi no pressure as I just took a 51yarder :laugh:

I whispered him through the cycle the pigeon stopped for a second THWACK

It was sent to the ground with an AA Field 16gr to the head! And a high five for the Jedi!

His reply was in the voice of yoda “you learn me well master!! I fear” :laugh:


So this pigeon was set up as a decoy, with a Y piece twig holding its head up!

Within minutes I had another 3 pigeons and an hour later 3 more bunnies.

Twas a good evenings shooting


Head shot! Pigeon




And others














Group photo






A few of us THL members met up today for a HFT shoot


The motley crew!




We all had a zero session, and I had to zero 3 rifles AAS410K .177, HW100T .177, AATX200HC .177 .as carly was using my HW100 and Rommel was using my air arms. So this left me very little time to zero the TX200 but what the hell it was a social meet and a bit of fun!


Every one was getting on fine as we started as a group of 8, but this got a bit cluttered so we split in to 2 groups of 4 and things got better and quicker!




After an hour of high winds and a bit of rain, chaz :toast: came out as the overall winner with 51 and his new PB

with webby1 coming 2nd with 48

Rommel's is 3rd with 46

Fred got 45

Rekowski score ? Let us know alex

Carly and I both got 40, the others had to get off so pil, Rommels, carly, and I had another go, after another quick zero check and I am glad I did!


I the second round I beat my PB with the AATX200HC .177 and had a score of 52 :thumbs:

Pil changed and borrowed my AAS410K.177 and he got? I am sure he will let us know!

Rommel got 39 with his AAS410K .22

And carly got a score of 42 with my HW100T .177


All in all a very good week and a good day was had by all!

Thanks for reading





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I see you and Chaz, Webby 1, Ron, getting the Practice in for the next Meet, I guess you don't want to be beaten on Home Turfwhistling.gifwhistling.gifwhistling.gifLol,

Superb write up as per Usual Davey Bud and some Cracking Pics as well, Can't wait for the next get together.


regards Daz.diablo.gif

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Hi Davy,

Thanks for the lone of your AA S410 ( PB OF 50) even with a 'O' on number 16 due to a cross shot 'doh',I think you were being tight on that shot only because you were using the springer haha rules are rules.Well done on your pb with the TX 200hc (big jump from 42-52).Nice to see a few heads turn up on not a promising morning wind and rain emminant.Well done Webby on your pb took some great shots and also to Lighthunter overall winner.Nice to see Alex again and to meet Fred also well done to Carley and Charley they have come on so well in only a few weeks always good to see youngsters take an interest.Overall a really good day with plenty of banter looking forward to the next one.

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Yes another great write up :notworthy:


and good pictures of quarry that you shot :thumbs:


enjoyed the day would have stayed longer but the Sunday roast was waiting and of course a cold beer :boogie:


Chaz was saying that you and him are hoping to get another weekend/camping meet up and running soon :thumbs:


look forward to that ;)




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Hell of a write up there Davy, and brilliant pics as well. Some very good shooting there pal, and well done for instructing the lad on how to shoot properly. As usual spot on mate, and very much look forward to the next post. :thumbs: SPA





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Great write up and pics Davy.


Good to see lads (and lass) getting together and having a good day out. Have you thought about entering any of the National UKAHFT rounds? Some tough courses, its a good laugh had in some good company! Its brought my marksmanship on massively.




Kind Regards,



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top write up and pics dave aldi had golf range finders in the other day could not see how much they were and had just boughta tasco one what did you spend on the aldi NV monocular? cheers fry

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