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  1. gurtwurz

    Viz,s s410f walnut stock

    what a difference!! really nice work bigmac
  2. ive just got rid of a 110, which to be fair was an excellent airgun, very accurate, quiet and light enough to carry round all morning without a sling, very pointable too. the only reason i got rid of it was cos i sold all my airguns to treat myself to (hopefully!) the last airgun ill buy, an AA Galahad which is just outstanding
  3. gurtwurz


    totally agree with simon concerning the hw80 but id also suggest looking around for an older one, mainly cos theyre much better than the newer ones-better steel, much tighter quality control and built like tanks. if youre not bothered about a few dings and scuffs you can pick up a straight shooting 20 yr old for around £150 and youll still have a great rifle thatll probably outlive you and kill all the vermin you need it to. youd have a bit more money to spend on a better scope then too. if youre after a new gun however, the hw95, 99s are great guns too, both lighter than the , both blisteringly accurate and easy to tune if you wanna take that route too. if you dont want something youll eventually want to tune, then as simons says the LGV break barrel is excellent out of the box, i had a synthetic one that was hands down the best new rifle ive ever owned, and it has a VERY quiet action-quiet enough to warrent putting a mod on the front of, and being synthetic requires less maintenance than a wood one.
  4. yeah i know but old habits and all that... plus i was too tight to buy new mounts since ive used the same scope on all my guns for the past four years or so, so id just swap the scope/mounts combo from one gun to the other lol funnily enough i use 2 piecers on the 110 nowadays, but that cos i had to get new ones to fit on the weaver rail and thats what was in the gun shop at the time...
  5. gurtwurz

    Some Of The Tx Bling Came Today

    sure he'll be made up with that lot bigmac, good old grandad
  6. probably the only thing we dont agree on simon mate... i use a single mount on a springer but if im honest the main reason is that it just feels more solid than two piecers, and possibly cos i remember john darling swearing by them back in the day lol
  7. you cant just change barrels mate (well, theoretically you can, but) because the different calibers require different strength springs. for example if you swapped from .22 to .177 youd have a very slow flying pellet with a very loopy trajectory because .22 doesnt need as much power behind it as .177 does. conversely, if you went from a .177 to .22 youd be over the limit. this is assuming that you mean springers, cos PCP's require new pellet probes, magazines etc for each caliber, along with an engineering degree to fit them all... as to cylinders, whilst the piston doesnt strictly touch the cylinder it is in contact albeit with a fine layer of moly seperating the two so it benefits from a polish simply because itll run more efficiently that way, with less drag. you can lighten the piston by drilling it, or turning it on a lathe but thats going down the complex tuning route and probably best left alone unless youve got that degree... personally, i use dome headed pellets that fly flattest and most accurately in the rifle. youll have to test a few types to find out which one thatll be though cos every guns slightly different and usually like different pellets. hope this helps, wurz
  8. gurtwurz


    its a 5position folding foregrip attached to a 20mm RIS weaver rail buddy, i got it from ebay from one of the airsofty sellers
  9. Short stroking a TX is fine mate, cos the cylinder is pushed just backwards, whereas the pro sports cantilever system exerts some downward as well as backward pressure so they have a tendency to wear on the bottom of the cylinder. It's also a good idea to check the grub screw fitting on the underside of the cylinder from time to time as you can strip the thread and/or shear the bolt if you're heavy handed or use the gun fekk loads. (I've done both cos I'm properly ham fisted...)
  10. gurtwurz


    same here mate
  11. two reasons why not mate, 1) id have to replace the entire action, underleaver assembly and cylinder, and air arms wouldnt sell me an action on its own minus the stock and 2), ive knackered my left shoulder/upper arm with a repetitive strain injury that leaves me with no strength in my leading arm and fekks me up for work so springers are currently a no-no sadly. not to worry, im thoroughly enjoying a brand spanking new hw110 instead, and ive kept my diana mauser clone for when im able to use spring guns again. said diana has a gold SFS sticker on it now so you can imagine how good that gun is now!! sure it wont be long til you have some equally enviable exploits with your PS mate, looking forwards to reading about them cheers, wurz
  12. gurtwurz


    ive had to come over to PCP's from springers recently due to a recurring shoulder injury that wont let me play any more, and after much deliberation between the 110, the 100 or a galahad i went for the 110 in the end. what a cracking airgun!! i had a bit of trouble getting used to the lightweight of it, especially at the front end but ive fitted a weaver rail on the underside of the forend which takes a torch for lamping and a folding foregrip which doubles as a hamster for shooting HFT with and also makes standers a LOT easier. seriously impressed with the guns accuracy and after a few tins of pellets the magazine loading is a doddle. cant get over how many shots you get, 120-ish from a single fill in .177 is good going, approximately 10 times what i genuinely need in the field, and saves taking a bottle to comps too.
  13. so you finally sorted yourself a prosport then simon? took you long enough mate lol my favourite and most used springer, before managing to wear it out completely over nearly 10 years of extremely hard use, it now hangs on the wall in the front room as a treasure trove of very happy shooting memories whilst i lament the RSI that springers have given me and reach for my HW110... hope you have many happy years with it simon mate, and no, im not gonna sell the stutzen stock.... cheers, wurz edited to add-while a kit can improve them, short stroking wont in the long term as the increased preload can wear the inside of the action because of the way the underlever also exerts some downwards pressure on the cylinder when it moves it to the rear. you have been warned!!
  14. gurtwurz

    Gun Tuning The Best

    another vote for Sandwell from me, but they also do a service kit that'll do you just dandy if you wanna get into tuning yourself-best get access to a chrono though so you can work out the best recoil to power ratio for your kind of shooting. some folks like running a .177 around 10-10 1/2 ft/lbs as it maintains a flat trajectory with minimum recoil and a lot less cocking effort. bear in mind as well that there's a waiting list for tony at Sandwell to tune your gun, but its definitely worth the 3 month wait. havent tried a vortek or tinbum kit myself but a mates just fitted a tinbum in his TX and hes well impressed so far. cheers, wurz
  15. gurtwurz

    How Do You Sharpen Your Knives ?

    you can pick up bench top grinders from Wickes/screwfix/machine mart for 30quid-ish lads, youll have to google paper wheels or find a knifemaking supplies online for them. dont forget to get a good polishing compound or it wont work as well... cheers, wurz