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  1. been a while since ive been on here i wonder how many of us old school are still on here

  2. venomviper

    Nitesite Ns200 2 Weeks Old

    I know Dave very well his a true and honest man I also know he brought the other week to so if your thinking about it you won't meet a more honest bloke than Dave
  3. venomviper

    For Sale My Tx200 177

    Air arms tx200 hc 177 mk3 for sale she has just been serviced and running at 11.4lfbs she is near on mint condition as well cracking gun and used with love I also use her for marksmanship courses. She will come with a scope plus a tin of pellets. I'm looking for a collection please I am based in rugby Warwickshire so if your interested she is worth the drive plus if you make it the weekend you can have a shoot as well to try your new toy out. I'm looking for £300 this is the gun in question. I'm gutted to be selling her as I do use her but since my car crash my right hand side isn't working very well so need to sell her. Please don't ask me to post as I don't have time to sort it all out
  4. venomviper


    Where are you pal
  5. venomviper

    Howa 1500 In 243

    I've got the full kitted how's varmint 1500 243 buddy 1in 10 twist she love most bullets to I use the 70gr blitzkings homeload fantastic Norma 75gr work very well for a factory load as well a little heavy to say the least sticks and bipod work well the rubber stock is great but sticks to ya jacket lol you can't go wrong with the howa pal good choice Shay
  6. venomviper

    Teckels .....

    hi ya pal yeah she is used more for tracking work than anything else. as for using her I needed to see what she was good at and its like a very few she can turn a paw to most things which is good for me as I only need one dog at a time with me not a pack unless I am going for big game then the dogs bet bigger
  7. venomviper

    Teckels .....

    i have a german import to she is a darswed breed fantastic dog loving and hard working my bitch is 8 months old now and she is great very quiet in the field shocked I know but she really is very steady I worked her on rabbits to start with so she would be a little less shouty lol but again she works well her tail goes high and wags fast now when she picks up and thing even on mice lol as I use her for my pest control job (yes a pest control mouse finder and she is great at it ) they just want you to be happy with them hence why they bark so much when I go in to see her if she is in the kitchen or first thing in the morning. these are getting more and more popular and work very well with other dogs as well. I love mine she is a great hunter and friend
  8. venomviper

    Teckels .....

    a bit of help for you all on the teckels WORKING TECKELS Brenda Humphrey - UKTSBS As in any breed of dog, if your interest is showing; then you buy from champion show-bred parentage; that is the same for any working dog, you buy from good working parentage. That doesn't mean to say that a show-bred dog won't work, but why take that chance? In most European countries it is illegal to hunt deer without a trained dog with you, and as I understand it you can show a Teckel without a working certificate, but it cannot become a champion without one. The foundation stock of The UK Teckel Stud Book Society are imports from Germany, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Iceland and, of course, their progeny. The Teckel is worked on all legal game, and is able to hunt a wide variety of animals, ranging in size from a field mouse, to tracking down wounded or dead wild boar, and deer by blood trailing. They dig and go to ground on fox and rabbit, and will flush out pheasant and tight sitting grouse, from dense thickets. They will also retrieve duck off water. A working-bred Teckel makes an ideal family pet. In temperament they are sensitive, and inclined to be self-willed and stubborn, so they require firm, but fair handling, and should never be treated roughly. As it is the written law of the UK that you must not sell or receive a puppy under the age of 8 weeks (I prefer a pup at the age of 10 weeks) that is when your basic training begins: at toilet, house, lead, sit and stay. At all times, make the training fun. There is no hard or fast rule to discipline, as each dog is an individual, and if treated too harshly, it will never work for you. Also at this time, the pup is subject to a starter pistol being fired at a distance of about 30 metres. Distance is an important factor, as the pup can be easily frightened. As the pup gets older the distance gets nearer, until you are firing over the dog by the time it is 6 months old. Whatever name is on the pedigree is immaterial, but your field name should be short and sharp such as 'Jip'. Once you've had your dog inoculated, and it walks on a lead, your training to livestock begins; e.g. chicken, sheep, cattle and horses. All working dogs must be steady to livestock, as a farmer wouldn't want you working his land if your dog is chasing his sheep etc. Blood trailing training can begin as early as 4 months old and can be fascinating and fun, but live-work for the Teckel starts no sooner than 8 months old. Digging, and going to ground, is a natural thing to the Teckel. If you want your dog to work with deer, then it must be married to it for one to two years depending on how much work experience it is receiving, then you can let it work on fox and rabbit etc. My three Teckels are worked on a regular basis of one week on and one week off, to deer, as Trevor my husband; (co-founder of UKTSBS) is a professional deerstalker, for Herne Woodland & Wildlife, based in Dorset. Bowe my male Teckel has earned himself a good reputation in the deer-stalking world. Mr Nick Valentine (co-founder of UKTSBS) has done 20 years of hunt service, and is Master and huntsman of his own private pack, called the Ryeford Chase, based in Hereford. He has formed the largest pack of working Teckels in the UK today and his pack can usually be seen parading at the Houndshow, held at Stafford. For more information on working Teckels, visit the UK Teckel Stud Book Society website at: http://www.teckel-society.co.uk hunting teckels One of the main hunting purposes of the Teckel is the hunt under ground (Baujagd). The name of the breed indicates what the breed was intended for: "Dachs" meaning badger and "Hund" dog. In the old days, German foresters used Teckels to reduce the predators (foxes and badgers) of small game the German royalty enjoyed to hunt (pheasants and hares). Teckels are still used to control the fox and badger populations in many European countries. Lately raccoon dogs (originated from Asia) and raccoons (imported from North America) are added to the list of quarry hunted with Teckels in Europe due to lack of natural enemies. Trailing teckels A highly valued trait of a hunting Teckel is the ability to systematically search an area, followed by trailing and flushing out game ("stöbern"). Stöbern is considered an innate trait which cannot be trained. In Europe, the Teckel has been utilized in this setting mainly for roe deer and wild boar. The advantage of using a Teckel over larger hounds is that large game will not flee as swiftly and remain tighter on site. In wild boar hunting, smaller dogs are less likely to get fatally injured. Being descendants of the Bracken, a required trait for the hunting Teckel is being loud on scent ("spurlaut"). This trait is tested on hares or foxes in Western Europe. my teckel is tracking at or around the 400mtrs now on drops of blood hope this clears things up a little shay
  9. venomviper

    Chrono Help And Advice

    This looks good lol I also know that the Warwickshire police use skan to so does the northants and Leicestershire police Hope this helps buddy if any concerns your local rfd will also chrono your gun and print a certificate off for you Shay
  10. venomviper

    Rcbs 243 Seating And Neck Die Set 3 Or 2 Piece

    All sorted now thank you
  11. hi ya folks im looking for a die set for my 243 thought i would try here before the evil bay gets my cash lol so if you have the set or 2 of the 3 i need let me know by pm as my phone will pick it up then folks thank you shay
  12. venomviper

    Hare Today Gone Tomorrow

    well for the last 3 years since i have had the estate i was not allowed to shoot anything on there i wanted to due to the over population of rabbits then once i had took the estate on and this land came into the estate i was then asked to shoot/ control the hares as well which i did well i controlled the rabbits but then the hares started to get out of hand and after 2 years of leaving it i now had the choice they would get someone in to get them down or do it myself i am not running dogs to hares and i am not shooting them with sub 12flbs airguns either i am using either a 17hmr or 22lr to cull / reduce the population of hares i have been in pest control now for just under 30 years so no spring chicken to it these nothing wrong in controlling the hares unless its sunday or xmas day so all good there if you dont like it then i am sorry for that dont read the post but if you dont mind it then fine i can now understand why so many of us on here are now leaving to other sites its a shame this used to be a great site shame never mind ALL I WILL SAY IS IF YOU AINT GOT ANYTHING NICE TO SAY ON THE POST PLEASE DONT WASTE MY POST AND FILL IT FULL OF S**T PLEASE AND FOR THE FOLKS THAT HAVE BEEN NICE THANK YOU SHAY
  13. venomviper

    Hare Today Gone Tomorrow

    Thank you for the comments folks The hares have caused damage hence why they need to be shot and if this is what the land owner wants this is what he gets I have in total 47,000 acre estate to control I also need to shoot deer fox rabbits as well as hares these no law that say other wise only Sunday's and Xmas days all my shots a counted and double safe shots as always I teach marksmanship courses and coach all over the uk so I stand by my gun and eye when it comes to shooting if you know your gun and use your gun day in and out and practise every day to so when it comes to pest control I plan most or everything I am not keen on shooting hares due to the damage they have caused I had left them alone for over 2 years and the land has come to this and now the land owner has pit his foot down and told me they need to be delt with Thank you all again for the nice comments Shay
  14. this site is full of a**holes now cant be bothered with it what a shame this site has gone to the dogs
  15. venomviper

    Marksman Courses

    Another fantastic feed back from my course today folks have a look on my website to guys and gals I have a few more slots for the course and I'm planning a shooting weekend in the summer it will be £20 per person Some feed back Had a great day today. Shay was an excellent instructor, I was given instruction on pest control and the safety and laws surrounding not only pest control but also transporting air rifles. Before using the guns, i was shown clearly how to handle and use both pneumatic and spring loaded rifles. As i already own my own spring loaded rifle, i took it along and Shay pointed out in his presentation that i was loaded mine wasn't correct, of which i am grateful. After the instruction there was target practice using different rifles and ammunition. the best part of the day for me was actually getting out for a hike around the estate looking for quarry to cull, i felt confident that after the instruction i was given into the different kill zones of each animal and of the different animals i could legally shoot i would be able to dispatch the animal humanly. Unfortunately the weather was terrible as we had snow falling! I would recommend this course to anybody who has an interest in pest control with air rifles. Even with the bad weather, i had a great day and so much better than sitting behind a table shooting static targets, great people and some very nice rifles. Thanks Shay. Iain Stokes 23/3/2013 Hope you like folks Shay