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  1. thedogman199

    E - Cigarettes

    I use the cirro ones from coop they uk made and a pound cheaper than the same thing in tesco
  2. thedogman199

    Diane Abbott

    And a f***ing racist too oh no you can't be racist towards white people! !!! f***ing idiot hate the woman
  3. thedogman199

    Corruption At Basc?

    Very similar to my case mate they are really f***ing arse holes!!!! I would not trust them as far as I could throw them
  4. thedogman199


    Love mine deadly accurate and good strong gun
  5. thedogman199

    Anyone Recommend A Good Airgun ?

    My r10 is fantastic mate I really can't recommend them enough
  6. thedogman199

    New Pack

    It makes sense mate but 2 pups would be a handful. Maybe get the runner now then introduce busher in 12 months? If you still want a Plummer next year I will sort you out. Yeah tbf mate I didn't think about the 2 pups situation would be a little adventurous lol but that is a very kind offer mate thank you
  7. thedogman199

    New Pack

    Nice looking bitch that mate, I know they are a rare sight for sale on hear just hope that someone has one at the right money and then sort my running dog as would like them to grow on together if that makes sense
  8. thedogman199

    New Pack

    I was considering a plumber tbh gaz but they just so expensive from what I have seen and just ain't got it atm
  9. thedogman199

    New Pack

    Cheers dave just looking for something all round so can have a bit of sport any suggestions on terrier breed ?
  10. thedogman199

    New Pack

    Hi guys I know that pack is a strong word to use when you are looking for two dogs but I have found myself wanting to get in on this What would be the best combo for a busher and running dog for rabbiting please ? Just want something that will send out anything hidden to a good running dog ? They will also be used for ferreting too Cheers
  11. thedogman199

    R10 Mk2 Or Hw100?

    I was at the range on sat and was having a great time just need to adjust my trigger on the r10 and will be perfect so so acurate
  12. thedogman199

    Granny Flat

    That sounds awesome mate have you got any pics please?
  13. thedogman199

    Online Troll

    All mouth crumble when they see you face to face anti hunting do good bellend! !!! Grrrr
  14. thedogman199

    Corruption At Basc?

    I was a member for years and they turned there back on me and left me out to hang when I needed there help on a firearms matter. ... I would not Piss on any of them if they were on fire except mike evely really nice bloke who I have a lot of time for
  15. thedogman199

    Pigeon Shooting With Air Rifle

    Evening then!! Politely withdrawn my apologies