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    Game keeping, mole catching, rabbit control, lamping foxes, all pest control work, trapping is a favorite of mine. I'm a sponsered clay pigeon shooter and generally "love the countryside"
  1. DKGPestControl

    Cheap Cartridges For Clay Shooting

    I like using Black Gold and long range killing power is awesome! I don't think there is a better shell on the market. I did however shoot well with the Power Reds and yes they are £100 per 1000 cheaper but I only shoot about 500 a month so for the extra £50 a month Id rather use Black Gold. If I don't waste money on cartridges it will only be wasted on something else shooting related that I probably don't need lol
  2. DKGPestControl

    Lady Pesters On Bbc2 Now

    We have a female technician, you'll be surprised how many client actually ask for her! Had a few blokes smirk when she gets out to do a wasp nest! But it's usually them blokes who are scared witless of them. And you've never seen a van kept so well organised!
  3. DKGPestControl

    Business Banking

    Santander most companies will get on to the £7.50 per month account and that's it! I used to be with Barclays and that was costing almost £100 per month with the cost of paying in checks and cash
  4. DKGPestControl

    Very Expensive Wasps

    £270 here for Rento They are just pricing out of the market!
  5. It is more capable off road than the ranger!! But it won't be seeing much mud! lol Not while I'm the owner
  6. http://www.dkg-pestcontrol.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Jeep-Cherokee.jpg finally got the new one delivered
  7. No Leather Leather comes in the Thunder or Wildtrack models
  8. Have another one! Only wanting to sell as I rarely use it now and want the new Jeep Grand Cherokee but they are a bit pricey so need to thin the car collection down a bit lol
  9. Hi Guys Selling my 2009 Ford Ranger Double Cab 4x4 Pickup 55,000 miles Metallic Storm Black with matching colour coded Hard Top Set of 4 x Cooper STT Mud Terrain tyres on black modular rims Set of 4 x Insa Turbo Special Track tyres with Silver steel rims Fully stamped service book looking for anything over £8500 NO VAT for the lot! I will even clean it for you! Welcome to come have a look any time.
  10. DKGPestControl


    I have been to loads of country fairs, bbq's etc and not hardly seen a wasp at all! Not round food or bins.
  11. DKGPestControl

    Flea Insecticide?

    I have had a fair few call backs using Ficam W, We always state that the treatment can take 14 to 21 days to kill all live stages and that we do not retreat within 21 days. I read somewhere that it can take 48 hours for a flea to die after coming into contact with a treated surface that had dried. Some people just expect to much from us!
  12. DKGPestControl

    Flea Insecticide?

    If I think an IGR is required for chronic infestations then I will go in with Cimetrol but rarely use anything other than wg250
  13. DKGPestControl


    Don't be put off when people say "I'm just looking for a price" and when you tell them your price they don't take the bait, as you will be surprised how many other these calls are local competitors trying to get info about your. I even went to the trouble of putting my competitors numbers into my mobile and you'd be surprised how many times it said *** pest control as the caller id and when I answered they we pretending to be a potential client! When that happened I just said, Sorry we are unable to take on anymore job work as we are currently to busy, try Rentokil! lol
  14. DKGPestControl

    Flea Insecticide?

    Stormyboy Think its just an added expense! If you don't need it then why buy it! Less chemical being used too! Win Win in my book