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  1. Cheers Arry.... ill test tonight away from possible interference before i follow your first bit of advice.
  2. Top man, thanks for the advice...ill give it a go.
  3. Getting back into a bit of ferreting after many many years lay off. Ive just bought a Mk1 knocker box and 2 collars and its working fine to about 4ft, turn the wheel any further and it starts screeching, any advice would be appreciated. by the way the box looks like new, with the original cardboard box, and warranty and instructions.
  4. He's a fool, and likely trains them to drop to shot by firing directly at them with an air riffle.
  5. I have a Howa 1500 .223 shoots like a dream, would defo recommend.
  6. I have the XQ38F brilliant bit of kit.... best thing i have bought in years...
  7. A GOOD 10/22 is the best fun you can have with your cloths on... what ever you decide hope you enjoy it.
  8. Had a Hancock half cross 20 odd years ago, i have to say it was some tool on the lamp, best thing i ever saw for taking squatters and cutting bunnys off from wall and hedges.long long time ago though, no idea of the quality of dog he produces now.
  9. Had my FAC about 3 or 4 month now. Got a .22 and a 223 which im getting on fine with, ive been toying with the idea of getting some night vision and as always i try to do a bit of research before i decide to part with my hard earned. I got told the add on (eBay) kits are a decent starting place but i was unsure about the screen sticking above the scope... im guaranteed to knock that off at some point and the whole thing looks a bit Heath Robinson to me. I like the look of the Yukon-photon-xt-6-5x50 a pal of mine has had one of these and said he didn't like using it in the day as it
  10. send me the pay-pal address pal and ill make the payment.
  11. Bought two dogs of him a long long time ago, he was the man way back then, i remember traveling to his place with great anticipation.
  12. The whistle needs to trigger a response in him that something better is going to happen if he comes to you rather than if he continues what hes doing.... so initially i would use it to call him in for his food, then when your out and about call him in and chuck him a skin dummy or summat he likes. like i said the whistle shouldn't be a signal to stop having fun it should be to indicate fun is about to start...at first anyway.
  13. Always wanted to call a dog Dave... just never had the bottle to do it
  14. So much bad feeling....let it all out.
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