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  1. Cheers pal. I’ve got high hopes for him, so far he’s a little firecracker ?
  2. Lost my best hob yet chancing it with just a collar and bells on. He was in a massive sand bury with holes everywhere. Stayed until it went dark, went back early hours of the morning rattling the tin I trained them to come to for feeding, nothing. He was later found run over by a car. That day I ordered a mk3m finder and wouldn’t put a ferret to ground without a locator ?
  3. Is it me or has anyone noticed the price of pups rocketing up lately. Not just the usual french bulls, shite etc but lurched pups seem to be going for £600+?! Madness
  4. Knowing my luck the other 3 wouldn’t work properly if I messed about! Is that how they are calibrated then?
  5. Also came with this collar, looks brand new like the ones you see for sale on ebay. This one isn’t picked up at all after 5 foot
  6. Don’t worry mate I’ve got thick skin ?. I just picked up a knocker box and 4 collars. Just getting my head round it!
  7. The thread for the collar cap? I’ll give that a go too
  8. Alright pal go easy on me, it’s my first old fashioned knocker box! I’m only used to the bleeping orange mk3
  9. Cheers mate. I gave the battery terminals a clean and they work a lot better now. It’s weird how the bottom collars clicking is a lot faster and stronger than the top 2.
  10. Hi guys. Just picked up these 3 collars. Could anyone please tell me if the top 2 collars are micro collars? Only the bottom one is working properly with an lr44 battery in. The top 2 collars clicking is noticeably slower and the box won’t read them after 5-6 feet. Many thanks
  11. What’s the problem with the cable mate?
  12. Just wondering if anyone has used or been out with one of these lamps? https://clulite.cluson.co.uk/spotlights/716-tb4000-the-trailblaser-4000.html https://www.uttings.co.uk/p125355-tracer-sport-led-45w-and-red-filter-12v-handheld-tr4550/#.Xi3yJyWnyEc On paper they look impressive, the filter design looks shite however. I can’t find a review or video demonstration anywhere
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