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  1. MikeyMJL

    Ferreting knife

    I use a utility Stanley knife. I bought a load of blades from Tesco’s for pence. Sharp as f**k, disposable, no messing with a sharpener.
  2. MikeyMJL

    Training on lamp

    I tried the same things as you with my dog when it was young, reflective tape on a dummy. I was told by a more experienced lad that it wouldn’t work and he was correct. The penny didn’t drop on mine until we’d been out lamping a couple of times. First ever slip I picked him up under my arm, popped the filter off and let him go. He ran the opposite direction into the darkness. I ignored the dog and kept the beam on the now running rabbit, dog came flying out of the darkness behind the rabbit for a cracking chase and his first catch. After the next trip he started watching the beam. Penny soon drops pal. At 9 months I wouldn’t even be thinking about that. I lamped mine at 11 months and I wish I’d waited until he was a bit older. Mine can be quite a bad yapper and I blame myself. Don’t rush things
  3. I’ve had 25 yellow spun polyester nets off Netmaker on here. All of them are excellent quality. They’ve had some good tests now and once the rabbit is in, it stays in! I’ve only been used to my mates thin nylon nets up until getting my own. I much prefer mine, easy to handle, any snags or tangles and it’s a piece of piss to sort out. The price that he charges is cheap for the quality you get. Just my 2p on the matter
  4. MikeyMJL

    Lamb lac for dogs

    Good stuff mate. My dog was sound on half strength as a pup. 3 meals a day with a half pint of Lamlac after each meal. Cut it out at 12 months with meals. He’s turned into a solid little dog. Always looked better built than his litter mates. Could be a coincidence though! I still give him a half pint of quarter strength an hour before heading off on the lamp. Nice and hydrated before we start
  5. MikeyMJL


    I use the same lamp as you mate, but I’ve changed the bulb to a 100w Osram HLX 62138. Very f***ing bright at full pelt! It is a little bit whiter than the standard halogen, but nothing like the led lamps, which I don’t like. I like the setup tbh. I rock a 10amp battery which is perfect for my needs. I keep the bulb down to 30% ish and the eyes shine lovely. The bulbs are only £5 or £6, worth a try before shelling out on a blitz or something.
  6. MikeyMJL

    Staffy Bull

    My type of staff.
  7. MikeyMJL

    greyhound whippet

    Mate of mine has one. He says it’s the best dog he’s ever owned.
  8. MikeyMJL

    Vitamins and minerals

    Imidacloprid is an insecticide and moxidectin for heart and lungworm
  9. MikeyMJL

    Vitamins and minerals

    What can I do?
  10. MikeyMJL

    Vitamins and minerals

    My vets tried changing me to a tablet flea treatment called nexguard? Wasn’t interested, read about seizures and stuff with that. Kept to the spot on treatments
  11. MikeyMJL


    Amazon mate
  12. MikeyMJL

    Vitamins and minerals

    The old flea treatments have been on my mind lately. I have advocate from the vets and drontal for the worms. I googled advocate and you can buy the active ingredient on eBay.... it’s a pesticide. This has played on my mind about alternative methods. f***ing put so much effort into conditioning and the feeding and I willingly apply a pesticide to my dog every month
  13. MikeyMJL

    Vitamins and minerals

    I was lucky over the years to be able to source good quality flesh at good prices. Nice variety too. Over the last 6 months or so the prices locally have been whacked up because of the popularity, some their places stopped supplying. Was gutted, loyal customer for years and suddenly I was stuck. Lately I’ve got mine on red mills Racer and chicken mince. Looks too top on it. Used to be dead against biscuits, was surprised at how well he looks
  14. MikeyMJL

    Vitamins and minerals

    The single best thing I’ve seen that improves my dogs performance is an hour before loading the car to go lamping, give him a half pint of Lamlac at quarter to half strength. He’s a beddy whippet so I’d give a bigger dog a larger serving. It’s nothing to do with the nutrition in the Lamlac, but rather the fact the dog is well hydrated and pissing like a racehorse before we set off.
  15. MikeyMJL

    Whippet Recall

    Trained my beddy whippet to recall to an acme 211.5 whistle. I made sure the whistle meant something fun, like a flirt pole or throwing a tennis ball. I fed mine on the whistle too. Didn’t take long for it to click