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  1. Hello,

    thank you for your kind words towards my knives!

    This one will be sold for a 900,-€ plus a 100,-€ for a very ornated sheath.

    BUT, as I told in the forum, I spent most time on the ornated guard, ferrule and pommel.

    My normal, small knives go for about 400,-€ plus maybe a 20,-€ if you want mammoth ivory or other fancy things.

    I really don't care that much if I have to make a 10cm blade or a 20cm blade, so main difference are the fileworks on guard.

    The small knives handles are glued up, this will withstand every use and abuse a small knive can take, now the big ones have a screwed up pommel to a very sturdy thick tang (I think a 15mm x 6mm at the end, increasing towards the guard to about 30mm x 6mm) This is more work as well.

    If you're interested in a knife, don't hesitate to ask for price, I really enjoy even making drawings, even if at the end you decide not to order.

    A more economic version could be, same blade (better finish as now I have really fine belts) S guard with plain shell (not as ornated) and no shells at the cross guard.

    Normal ferrule, or maybe two, instead of the buffalo, as I don't like how it polishes.

    A plain sheath I can order for a 50-60,-€

    Kind regards and have a nice christmas!