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  1. Richynkelly

    ** Wanted 15ft collar battery cap**

    iv got one mate but not home till the 7th so if you don't get sorted by then let me know
  2. Richynkelly

    Needing Ferrets

    Hi has any one near Middlesbrough got any spare ferrets don't mind paying whould be very great full has my new pem want me to ferret it
  3. Richynkelly

    Ferret Kits

    We're you from mate we're can I pick from
  4. Richynkelly

    Ferret North East

    Hi could any help me out I need a new ferret as I've just lost mine to cancer I would be very great full if any one could sort me one out I don't mind paying I'm located Middlesbrough cheers
  5. Richynkelly

    [BANNED TEXT]'s Best 0Z Nets For Long Nets

    Cheers for the advice lads
  6. Hi just wondering before I order some nets [BANNED TEXT]'s best 6oz or 8oz nets to use cheers
  7. Hi any Jill's going in teeside area cheers
  8. Richynkelly

    Large Hob Ferret Wanted . North East

    I got one for ya pal
  9. Richynkelly

    Bargain 100 Yard Long Net And Lamp

    Hi you still got net
  10. Richynkelly

    Bad Day Ferreting

    Out today first bit permission started ok then some idiot women come over shouting and screaming calling us evil b*****ds lol then went to another bit permission and as we walked on field we see a stoat chasing rabbits about the field then back in the holes were going to do so I shot the long net up around the set and half way throw one bolted straight into the net certasy of the stoat but then put the ferrets dawn feet her up the hedge row and the stoat had allready clears the rest of the sets so packet up and went home
  11. Richynkelly

    8Ft Micro Collar Cap

    You can use the back of an ariel plug [BANNED TEXT] goes in the back ya tv
  12. Richynkelly

    Triple Ferret Box

    Iv on u but no reply
  13. Are you sure that battery 6amp pal
  14. Richynkelly

    Triple Ferret Box

    Is it still for sale
  15. Richynkelly

    Team For This Year

    Nice looking dog pal