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  1. Think some people online trying to make money on selling disease up dogs from other countries is wrong we got enough dogs in this country to rehome especially lurchers
  2. And how can we all be one when nobs go out with guns and shoot hares for fun and then turn round a say the number of hare are low because of coursing .f**k the lazy c**ts who cant even be asked to walk
  3. The reason why hunting with dogs is banned because of people riding foxs in to the ground just flush it put lurcher on it job done aint hard
  4. They wouldn't help people with lurchers out so let them get on all they do is call the police on ya anyways there just as bad as the antis
  5. A bit of coke just [BANNED TEXT] they go lamping sorts them right out
  6. Be all out of golly as well golly breed shit
  7. Na my mate never breed that he said because he said hes bullxs dont get as smash up on the face .makes to much hard work of a fox by the looks of it
  8. Everyone is getting bullxs in kent and say they are doing 3 chalies a night or so but i never seen so many foxs in my life don't think anyone in kent got a dog that can run them down one on one .
  9. Your a div having his ball cut of u have f****d that dog now
  10. If its not fit or not had the right food then try it again .but if its all good then kill it see the jacker line dont go on
  11. More shit whats gonna flood the pounds
  12. More shit whats gonna flood the pounds
  13. Let the dog have it .see if worth feeding
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