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  1. How’s the rest of the litter coming on ?
  2. storm323

    Socks Pup.

    Pup looks lovely ! All the best with her next season
  3. storm323

    Last Run Of The Season

    Having permission on some of these places it's a shame to name drop !
  4. storm323

    New Arrival

    Handy looking dog that
  5. Just measured her now she's 23 ! You pup looks a cracker how she coming along I did try messaging you but said your inbox is full !
  6. Not the best pic and was a few weeks ago ! Can't wait for next season with her .
  7. Spring looks a cracker ! as it's been said another few months and they will be a different animal !
  8. storm323

    Litter Variation .....

    What he make 24 /25 ? Both looking nice !
  9. storm323

    Posting Vids Off Hare Courseing On Fb

    I come off all the hunting groups on Facebook I couldn't handle seeing the idiots on there who give it hunting a bad name ! Seen some bad videos on there ! But the way the world is going hunting with the lurcher will be a past time in 50 years I'm sure !
  10. storm323

    Ruptured Achilles' Tendon ........

    Good to hear butt ! Few mental exercises I'm sure would do her good while resting up
  11. storm323

    Ruptured Achilles' Tendon ........

    Sorry to hear butt ! Hope she has a good recovery
  12. storm323

    Best Priced Payed

    Sounds a cheap price welcome !!
  13. storm323

    Dog, Ferrets, Nets And Good Company

    Looks like you had a good day out ! Can't wait to get out with my bitch now !!
  14. storm323

    Razor Pics ?

    Looks a cracker ! Some of that ground looks rough he must have solid feet?
  15. storm323

    Rabbit Decline

    How did this new virus get here ? OnPurpose ? Seen a few sick rabbits about ? The rabbit won't be on this Island before long !